September 24th Save the Koala Day

Created by the Australian Koala Foundation, the Month of September is Save the Koala month, with specifically the 24th as Save the Koala Day. This month is to raise awareness and funds for these cute cuddly creatures. You can do just about anything to raise miney for them, but more specifically you can support them 3 different ways on their site: by “adopting” a koala, donate to planting a tree, or donate to help with the Koala Habitat Atlas and furthering the AKF’s goal of creating the Koala Protection Act. Currently the greatest threat to Koalas is habitat loss. All 3 of the ways of supporting them above will directly help with diminishing this threat.

How to celebrate: Support the AKF. Read more about Koalas on their website. Look for Koalas on the AFK’s Koala Map.


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