October 10th Indigenous People Day

Today is always celebrated on the 2nd Monday in October. It began in California in 1939 as Native American Day but it was realized that it should be amended to include any native citizen to any country on this day. It was finally accepted by all in 1977, and probably placed on this day because they wanted to replace Columbus Day. I am all for the recognition of the Native American plight. Since I know little to nothing about other indigenous people I would be only be mocking them to celebrate the horrors they went through. And we all know how horrible the Europeans were to the Native Americans, naturally they were the only horrible people in the world ever. I mean, the Asians were always so nice to everyone they conquered and the African tribes were always so kind to the people they defeated. Boy, do we still have a lot to learn. Aren’t we also mocking the Native American by showing a Native American picture to celebrate this day? Sorry in advance but, I have more Native American blood in me than Elizabeth Warren at least!

How to celebrate – Honor all those who stood up against oppression. Visit a Pow Wow. Find out more about Indigenous People everywhere.


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