October 16th American Frog Day

Bulls, Leopards, and Crickets – oh my! No…I am not talking about a variety of animals – I’m talking about a variety of FROGS! This day was created for frog hobbyists and is dedicated to raising money and awareness for captive breeding and husbandry as well as conservation of these slimy (oh I mean wonderful) creatures. All kidding aside – frogs are an integral part of our ecosystem and like many other animals are dwindling in numbers due to encroachment in their habitats as well as smuggling of endangered amphibians. So join others this day in helping spread the word to help our fine green friends…and red, and black, and orange…ok you get the picture 🙂 Kermit will thank you!

How to celebrate: Watch the Muppet Movie. Join other hobbyists in celebrating the day on FB and other social media channels. Check out some great Documentaries on YouTube to learn more about Frogs.


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