October 18th National Meat Loaf Appreciation Day

Here a dish that gets no credit for what it is at all, Meatloaf. I know, not everybody likes meatloaf, I do, in fact it’s one of my favorite dishes. It apparently doesn’t take a lot to create (I wouldn’t know, I’ve never made one) and it generally serves a number of people as well. Oh, and it cooks up fairly fast. That’s a win-win-win in my book! Their are numerous different types of meatloaf you can make, different toppings you can add and it goes well with normally any kind of side dish. Today was created by “Serious Eats” in 2018. Check them out for some recipes.

How to celebrate – Have some meatloaf today. Left overs make great sandwiches. Create your own meatloaf recipe.


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