October 19th Evaluate Your Life Day

Wow, the people at Wellcat.com normally come up with days like, count how many times you burp today or see how fart you can jump with you toes tied together. You know, important stuff like that. So for today they choose to Evaluate Your Life. First off, how can you do that yourself, really and secondly… why would you want to!?! Yes, sometimes we need to check into the things we do and the mistakes we make but to spend a day evaluating ourselves when we sort of do that everyday of our lives. Somebody please create another day for October 19th because the last thing we probably need to do right now is to start spending the day evaluating ourselves.

How to celebrate – Go back to bed. Find something, anything, better to do today. If you truly need to evaluate your life, and we all probably do, do not let Wellcat.com be the ones to tell you when to do it.


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