October 20th Brandied Fruit Day

Now we’re back to normal after that scary Evaluate Your Life Day, something we can handle! Brandied Fruit Day! Well it sort of makes sense when you think of the upcoming holidays and fruitcake. It’s time to soak it in brandy so you can make those fruitcakes for the holidays and to send to enemies, er… I mean friends. I actually do like fruit cake and it’s probably because of the brandy. Now I find it hard to get past two bites but who needs to if there has been enough brandy used! This process also makes your fruit last for next to forever! (Just like that fruit cake!) And all you really need is some very sweet syrup, brandy and your fruit of choice.

How to celebrate – Brandy some fruit, of your choice of course. Make a fruit cake. Just drink the brandy and forget the rest of the effort required.


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