November 30th Stay Home Because You Are Well Day

Most of the time I get down on the people at for having really odd, useless days. However, today I can kinda understand. We make our homes as comfortable as possible, filling with the things we enjoy and like but so often, we only stay at home when we are sick or in a pandemic. So why not stay home to enjoy yourself with the surroundings you have created!?! Of course, recently we may have been staying at home a little more than we would like anyway. Still, enjoy your home… that’s what it’s there for!

How to celebrate – Enjoy your house. Fill your home with the things that make you happy. Remember today is Copyrighted by (So if you do enjoy it, you owe them)


November 29th Square Dance Day

Well dust off your boots and cowboy hats, today is Square Dance Day. Oddly, this dance was begun in England, or Scotland , and brought over to America. We consider it an American Dance but it’s not. Now we did add a “caller” because it was a little complicated to remember all those steps, but even with the caller you’ve got to be a pretty quick study because the calls are so fast once you’ve digested them, the next are already up. So “Dosey Do” and “Swing Your Partner” cause it’s time to get down and boogie!

How to celebrate – Learn how to Square Dance. Become a Square Dance “Caller”. It’s great exercise, get up and dance!

November 28th Red Planet Day

Of course we are talking about Mars, the red planet, red because of it’s atmosphere. But it has always been thought to be a violent planet, a planet of war and just because it’s red. Actually it’s surface may be better for us than Venus which sounds so much more friendly. It is the 4th planet in our Solar System and so, just one planet away from us. It is a dream to reach Mars, and maybe someday we will. The problem is, even if we get there, what do we do with it?

How to celebrate – Read about Mariner 4’s visit to Mars on July 14th, 1965. If Mars is red, why are the aliens always green? Plan your space travel early.

November 27th Pins and Needles Day

The labor related play, Pins And Needles, opened at the Labor Stage Theater in New York, Broadway, in 1937. It was a play written by Harold Rome in support of the Labor Movement in America. It didn’t exactly keep people on the edge of their seats but it did have a meaning. Today we see being on Pins and Needles as being anxious about something or anticipating something coming up. This, like the play, can be good… or bad… depending on what you are waiting for and like every story ever told it has two sides. Do your best to try and understand both.

How to celebrate – Go to Broadway. See a Theater play. Read the Pins and Needles script if you can find it.

November 26th Black Friday

Today is basically the make it or break it day for retail shops all across the world. It is when the really holiday shopping begins and when stores offer the best buys they can for your shopping pleasure. It sort of makes you wonder, why don’t the stores offer these kinds of deals all year round? Maybe they wouldn’t be going out of business if they did but then, the profit margins would drop so low maybe many of the stores wouldn’t survive anyway. So, if you want to see retail shopping continue without everything going on line, get out there and do your duty! Buy, buy, buy before local shops disappear completely.

How to celebrate – Shop. You need to walk off that turkey dinner anyway so think of is like going to the gym. Sleep in and let others save the retail world.

November 25th World Safari Day

November 25th World Safari Day

The jungles are diminishing all over the world as we build new homes, shopping malls and use the products found there quicker than they can be reproduced. The African Bush Camps company has decided to do something about that by creating today for people to become aware of the preservation and rejuvenation required to keep nature from being destroyed. How about going on a safari using a camera to shoot animals instead of a rifle or bow!?! It is more daring and takes an equal amount of skill or perhaps, even more.

How to celebrate – Go on a camera safari. Give to organizations trying to save the wilderness. Tell me one good reason you need to kill an elephant.


Today is Thanksgiving. Most of us have a lot top be thankful for and we should remember those things today by celebrating with friends and family, those people who make our lives better than they would be otherwise. Thanksgiving was originally proclaimed by George Washington on October 3rd, 1789 to be held on November 26th. Since that day changed every year Abraham Lincoln set it on the fourth Thursday of November though it was still up to every state to make it official. Franklin D. Roosevelt made Thanksgiving an national holiday in 1941.

How to celebrate – Be thankful for all you have and the people around you. Try and make someone’s Thanksgiving special for those who do not have a bounty. Dress up like Pilgrims or Native Americans.

November 23rd National Espresso Day

In 1901, Italian, Luigi Bezzera made a machine to make espresso in order to shorten, or end, his employees coffee breaks. He decided to create a cup of coffee that had more caffeine that kept his employees on the job and maybe even sped up their work a bit. (An unexpected benefit) He accomplished this by creating a way to make a finer grind on the coffee and to add a creme to it that enhanced the flavor.

How to celebrate – Have a espresso. Learn about the different types of coffees and grounds. Buy an espresso machine.

November 22nd Go For A Ride Day

Get out and enjoy the great outdoors today by taking a ride and viewing the world around you. It doesn’t matter whether you ride in a car or a truck, on a train of a bike, even roller blades will do. (Airplanes kinda count) The idea is to take a ride without any real place to have to get to and maybe take a few people along with you to talk about what you see. Naturally your best friend would enjoy the ride as well so you might consider taking them along with you.

How to celebrate – Take a ride! Take others along on your ride. Enjoy nature and the world around you.

November 21st World Hello Day

In 1973, during a war between Israel and Egypt, Brian and Michael McCormick decided to create a day where people simply said hello to each other. Total strangers greeting each other by saying hello in whatever language they spoke. “Greet ten people for peace”. If we all spend time saying “hello” to each other, being civil and kind, maybe we won’t fight as much or find reasons to hate each other when we really have no reason for hating at all. It’s a nice idea and it might work if everyone took it seriously. To greet someone is to open yourself up to the world others live in even if it’s just for a moment and peace is what lives in your heart.

How to celebrate – Say “hello” to at least ten people. Learn to say hello in ten different languages. Try and make the world a better place today.