November 13th Sadie Hawkins Day

Good thing this day was created by in the 1930’s because it would never stand up today! It was a part of Al Capp’s “Lil Abner’s” cartoon and in this case, it was a day created by the Mayor of Dogpatch in an effort to get his ugly daughter married off. The event was a race of sorts, where the women chased after the men and if they caught them, the men had to marry them. Well, of course we realize there is no such thing as an ugly woman. And, of course, women do not need to chase men to get married. But let’s think of it as something funny instead of something literal. We have lost a lot of humor in this world, maybe that’s why we are all so grumpy.

How to celebrate – Read “Lil Abner”. Go to a Sadie Hawkins dance if they still have them. Forget he past, there’s nothing important there anyway. (It’s all about you!)


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