December 2nd Business Of Popping Corn Day

If you are as old as I am you can remember popping corn over a stove or fire in a special tin pan. It was fun once it started popping but not something you could make a living with. So C. Cretor & Company made their own popping corn machine so he could make enough for larger parties and conventions. He invented a steam operated machine that popped corn for him in 1885. He received the patent for it in 1893 and went on to maker a successful business with his machine that could also roast peanuts, roast coffee beans and bake chestnuts. Why does this fall on December 2nd? Who knows, who cares, but we celebrate the business of popping corn today.

How to celebrate – Pop some popcorn. Roast some chestnuts. Buy a popcorn popping machine to keep the tradition alive.


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