December 4th Santa’s List Day

So, have you been nice all year or have you been naughty? Sometimes being naughty is nice but being nice is never being naughty! Well, it’s time for Santa to break out his list and make good for those who have been nice and give that lump of coal for those who have been naughty. I bet there was a time in history when getting a lump of coal was actually welcomed! Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is about being good over bad as being good is always subject to ones point of view. Since it is somewhat up to the opinion of the receiver at least try to be good to your family and friends, they are the ones who get you gifts anyway… and try to be nice to your enemies too… maybe they have a reason for being bad.

How to celebrate – Who would you put on a nice list…naughty list. The question is not whether you think you’ve been good or not, it’s how others see you. Make a list of what you consider naughty, and nice.


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