December 12th International Children’s Day

Today was created by UNICEF and the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences as Broadcasters “Tune in to kids”. Ah, shouldn’t they do that all the time!?! I guess with a lot of the shows that make it to air, they don’t. (And I’m none to sure they tune in to adults either.) Anyway, this is one of several special days that industry across the world is supposed to pay attention to the needs of kids instead of trying to make a buck off of them. Oh and it’s not just a buck, it’s a yen, pound,franc… you name it. Children are a huge market for the Arts & Sciences and if government is right, they all know better how to raise our children than we do… maybe because they are still children themselves! Anyway, pay attention to your kids, we have to do it every day, the Arts and Sciences only have to do it one day a year.

How to celebrate – Give to UNICEF. Pay attention to the special things companies do for children today. (You might have to look hard for it) Remember your own childhood.


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