January 31st National Train Your Dog Month

JANUARY Month National Train Your Dog Month

Dogs are our best friends, but they still need to be taught the rights and wrongs and what they are allowed to get away with by their owners. Normally, a dog that is trained is a happy dog since most dogs just want to please their masters. And you can train your dog to do a number of different things, some are tricks and some are considered work. Enjoy your dog and train them to be the best friend you’ve ever had.

How to celebrate – Teach your old dogs new tricks, Always use a reward system. Let your dog be a dog.


January 30th National Inane Answering Messages Day

And yet another Inane day created by the folks at Wellcat.com. In case you forget what inane means, it means… well… nothing that makes sense, or perhaps crazy or perhaps both! Not that there is anything wrong with setting up your messages inane, just kinda remember to say who you are in case the call coming in is actually important.

How to celebrate – Make an inane message. See if anyone under 21 knows what machine is pictured in this blog. Have a Wellcat day!

January 29th National Puzzle Day

Puzzles can be fun. Whether they are literally the jigsaw puzzle, crossword puzzle, math puzzles or whatever, they pass time when we are board, sharpen our wit and probably help with the reduction of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Of course some can be confusing as well but if they are just keep search until you find some sort of puzzle you enjoy. Most puzzles can be done alone, or with a friend, or even with a group of friends. Keep your brain active, challenge it daily.

How to celebrate – Find your favorite puzzle game. Start a family jigsaw puzzle. Design your own puzzle to share with others.

January 28th National Daisy Day

JANUARY 28th National Daisy Day

Flowers fill days with joy and color and make us feel better when we are unhappy or sad. One of the leading flowers to fill that joy is the Daisy. The name comes from Old English meaning “Day’s Eye” because it opens at dawn and closes at dusk.

How to celebrate – Plant a daisy. Brighten your dinner table with daisies. Dye your Daisy to whatever color you want.

January 28th International Lego Day

JANUARY 28th International Lego Day

Today we celebrate the patent of Danish inventor Godtfred Kirk Christiansen in 1958. Did you know if you stacked 40 billion Legos on top of each other they would reach the moon? Yes, I know that’s how many it feels like you step on in the middle of your living room anyway. Lego translated means “play well”.

How to celebrate – Build something made from Legos. Start your collection of 40 billion Legos. Wear steel soled shoes.

January 27th Florida Space Day

JANUARY 27th Florida Space Day

Today we celebrate the Space Industry in Florida which is huge in Central Florida. Florida suffered a great deal when the Space Industry was stopped by the national Government several years ago but now thanks to private industry, it is returning… just showing again if you leave something up to the private sector they can succeed where government fails. The only catch is, apparently there are about 50 different days we celebrate the Space Industry so it’s pretty much your pick!

How to celebrate – Visit the Space Coast. Read about the billion-dollar Space Industry. Celebrate all Space Industry days.

January 26th Spouse’s Day

Today is one of the many days we are supposed to pay attention to our spouses. Actually we should do that all the time anyway but I suppose the occasional reminder doesn’t hurt. It goes along with Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, first date dates, favorite songs, favorite colors, ah… just add today to the list and to protect yourself just make every day spouse’s day!

How to celebrate – Find things about your spouse that you admire and remind yourself of them every time you get mad at them. Be thankful for your spouse. Send your spouse a thank you card.

January 25th Opposite Day

One thing for sure about today, it isn’t ever going to be what we think it is because what ever we think it is it will be the opposite of that. Some say it started with Calvin Coolidge when he was President in the 1920’s, some say it comes from Alice In Wonderland in the mid-1800’s since it was mentioned in the book. The only thing for sure about today is that whatever you think it is, it has to be the complete opposite.

How to celebrate – Whatever you were suppose to do today, do the opposite. However if you thought about doing something else today you need to do the opposite of that. Go back to bed and wait for tomorrow.

January 24th National Peanut Butter Day

JANUARY 24th National Peanut Butter Day

Did you know there were two Edson inventors? (Okay so one is Edison) Marcellus Gilmore Edson invented peanut butter back in 1884 and it’s been sticking to the tops of our mouths ever since! It is a great form of protein and can be a staple of any American household. Peter Pan started producing peanut butter commercially in 1920, Skippy in 1932 and Jif came along in 1958. It’s also relatively easy to make your own peanut butter.

How to celebrate – Have a PB&J. Make your own peanut butter. Taste test all the peanut butters out there to determine which you like best!

January 24th Compliment Day

Everyone likes to hear something good about themselves and if you look hard enough, you can find something nice to say to someone about the way they look, speak or even the job they do. Today was created back in 1998 by Kathy Chamberlain and Debby Hoffman, both in New Hampshire, with the idea of giving five people compliments about them. Of course you can do more than five and everyone will feel better about themselves even if it’s just for a little while. It costs you nothing so why not? Maybe they’ll even return a compliment to you!

How to celebrate – Give 5 people compliments today. Pay a compliment to everyone you speak to today. Find something good about everyone you see.