January 16th Appreciate A Dragon Day

Today was created by Donita K. Paul to promote her book, “Dragon Spell”. However, it did make many of us think about what dragon has become our favorite! (Okay, so maybe we didn’t think real long about) Dragons are a part of our lore from nearly every country in the world. There was always a damsel needing rescuing and the hero knight. Or maybe it’s the damsel that rescues the knight (Honestly it doesn’t really matter) Anyway, celebrate dragons today, our lives would never have been the same without them!

How to celebrate – Figure out which dragon is your favorite. See how many dragons you can name! Dress up like a dragon today.

January 15th National Hat Day

Probably one of the best known hats in history has been the Top Hat, created in 1797, and first worn by James Heatherington. Guess he was making a fashion statement, just like most of us do when we were a hat today! Hats are an extension of our personality, mood and style. A hat often says a lot about us without us having to say anything. Of course, sometimes it just to keep the sun out of our eyes or to keep the top of our head warm or from burning under a hot sun. So why do you wear a hat? What do you think it says about you?

How to celebrate – Wear a hat today. Pick a hat that tells what mood you are in for the day. Pick which hat you have is your favorite.

January 14th Dress Up Your Pet Day

If you find your pet hiding from you today it’s probably because they remember this day from last year. Yes, I know, they look cute and they probably like the extra attention, just not the results. Today was created by Colleen Paige, an animal expert. I’m not really sure why an animal expert would create a day like today but then, I guess they know better than I do. I know my pets love to get attention and love to spend time with me until I start to dress them up.

How to celebrate – Dress up your pet. Get your pictures quick, they won’t stand still for very long. Live and let live.

January 13th National Rubber Duck Day

JANUARY 13th National Rubber Duck Day

Rubber ducks have been with us nearly as long as the invention of rubber. They are known to have been around in the late 1800’s but the first patent was issued to Landon Smart Lawrence in 1928. The production of rubber ducks has been stopped whenever a war comes along since the military need rubber more than our bathtubs do.

How to celebrate – Break out your rubber duck. Design your own rubber duck. Take a bath.

January 13th Make Your Dream Come True Day

This should be every day of the year, we all want to see our dreams come true. The funny thing is, if you make one dream come true we almost always find another dream to go after. Which I guess is good, we need to try to do something to better ourselves even when we get older. It’s all about having hope, which we must maintain as people because with out hope, we have little left.

How to celebrate – Clarify your dream so you can start making it come true. Help others make their dreams come true. Make sure you want your dream to come true.

January 12th Feast Of Fabulous Wild Men Day

So who is the Wild Man in your life and what makes them wild? And why have a Feast over Wild Men? Some say this is more of a beefcake day and maybe it is, others seem to think it’s men who live on the wild side like cowboys, mercenaries and outlaws. I guess it really doesn’t matter so long as you celebrate the wild man, or men, in your life!

How to celebrate – Take your wild man to lunch today. Visit a male strippers club. Make a list of all the wild men you know.

January 11th Learn Your Name In Morse Code Day

In 1838, Samuel Morse, Alford Vail and Joseph Henry introduced what was called the Morse Code. I am not sure why it was Morse who got the credit, maybe he was the leader, paid for the work or just forced his way in but we all know it as the Morse Code today. At one time it was all thew rage and saved many a military man, as well as others but today it has fallen out of favor for many, many reason. But still it would be nice to keep the code alive and you can do that by spelling your name with a series of dots and dashes. Oh, and April 27th is the actual Morse Code Day.

How to celebrate – Learn your name in Morse Code. Use Morse Code to communicate with your friends. Try to figure out why April 27th is Morse Code Day and who created today!

January 10th National House Plant Appreciation Day

Go on… admit it… I know you talk you your plants. I certainly do. I try to give them words of encouragement from time to time especially on the few cold days down here in Florida. Plants are great – they help with making a room bright and cheery, they can provide salads for us, and they are a great obstacle for your cat or dog as they run through your house (just make sure you have nontoxic plants around). National Houseplant Appreciation Day was established by The Gardener’s Network

How to celebrate – Go to a nursery to pick out a new house plant. Come up with a list of affirming phrases to tell your new plant. Give your plant an occasional walk especially in July for Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day.

January 10th Peculiar People Day

We all know at least one Peculiar person don’t we? Maybe we are that one peculiar person someone else knows! There is normally nothing wrong with a peculiar person, or at least we hope there isn’t. They are just odd for some reason or the other. It may be the way they speak or the things they do, they may collect peculiar things or watch odd movies but it’s still okay, well most of the time anyway. Live and let live I say… but don’t quote me because someone wiser said that before me! Enjoy the people around you even with their faults, after-all… you may be odd in their eyes too!

How to celebrate – Figure out who that peculiar person is that you know. List what others might find peculiar about you! Enjoy people for who they are.

January 9th Play God Day

None of us should ever play God (well unless you are someone in a theatrical event with names like Evan or Bruce…) The one thing for sure is that we should never be making decisions that should be left up to God, whether we get them right or not, we will eventually pay the price for it. At least consult God, through prayer, hopefully He will give you the answer.

How to celebrate – Follow your belief.