January 11th Learn Your Name In Morse Code Day

In 1838, Samuel Morse, Alford Vail and Joseph Henry introduced what was called the Morse Code. I am not sure why it was Morse who got the credit, maybe he was the leader, paid for the work or just forced his way in but we all know it as the Morse Code today. At one time it was all thew rage and saved many a military man, as well as others but today it has fallen out of favor for many, many reason. But still it would be nice to keep the code alive and you can do that by spelling your name with a series of dots and dashes. Oh, and April 27th is the actual Morse Code Day.

How to celebrate – Learn your name in Morse Code. Use Morse Code to communicate with your friends. Try to figure out why April 27th is Morse Code Day and who created today!


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