February 28th Public Sleeping Day

I don’t know if today is promoting sleeping in public or reminding us we shouldn’t be sleeping in public. Of course, most of us have at some point. It may have been at church or in school, on a bus or a train, but let’s hope not in a car or when flying a plane. There are times you can get away with it, and times you can’t but frankly, it’s better not to fall asleep in public ever… you might end up with a mustache drawn on your face.

How to celebrate – Count how many people you see sleeping in public today. Take no doze so you don’t fall asleep in public today. Get a good nights sleep at home.


FEBRUARY 28th Floral Design Day

No doubt that flowers enhance our world with their array of colors and styles. And as if we can’t find them enough in the wild isn’t it great that they appear on clothing, sheets, furniture, nearly everything that a floral print can be put on it has been put on. I mean, yes they are pretty but there is a point! You can thank Carl Rittner for today, and basically for the print as well, as he made floral design a part of the multi-billion-dollar industry it is. Oh, today and today is his birthday.

How to celebrate – Buy something with a floral design on it. Create your own floral design. Shop Carl Rittner’s.

February 28th National Cupcake Day

Today is National Cupcake Day… in Canada. So why not celebrate our northern neighbor’s holiday!?! And I particularly like this one because it is used to help the SPCA and Humane Organizations in Canada. It helps our friends the animals we all love.

It always falls on the last Monday of February so the date does change but the intent does not. I have been wondering if dogs know how happy they generally make us. They certainly make us better people. Cats, horses, rabbits… whatever the animal we have as friends do make us better than we would be without them.

And better yet, we get to eat cupcakes to show our support for them. How sweet is that! And maybe we can even find an animal healthy cupcake for them to enjoy with us! Just make sure you don’t mix them up!

How to celebrate – Help out our pets today whether they are Canadian or in the United States. Make some pet friendly cupcakes. Visit Canada.

February 27th International Polar Bear Day

Polar Bears International created the day to help denning moms and cubs as they hibernate in the winter. This is a venerable time for the bears and their cubs. The cubs are born during the wintertime in the dens.The cubs are very tiny and the polar bear families stay in the dens until the cubs have matured enough to venture outside later in the spring.

How to celebrate – Donate to the “moms and Cubs” challenge at polarbearsinternational.org. Visit the site for more info on activities and resources for the day, including a coll video of their latest den project.

February 27th No Brainer Day

The general idea of something being a no brainer is something you shouldn’t have to even think about and still do. Like, stopping at a stop sign, breathing and walking on your feet, not your hands. Still there are times when we have to remind ourselves of doing those no brainer things. Like paying our bills, looking before crossing the road, waiting for food to be cool enough to eat. Today was created by Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith in 1995 according to Insight Magazine.

How to celebrate – Be thankful for those things you remember without thinking about them. List how many no brainers as you can. Try to add to those no brainers you already have.

February 26th Carnival Day

February 26th Carnival Day

Who doesn’t love a Carnival? All the animals, all the oddities and of course, all the clowns! Well, I guess people that don’t love clowns might not love a Carnival. When I looked up the history of the Carnival it got a little strange. It seems to have started as the Saturnalian Festival in Italy right before Lent. It may or may not have had animals but it was a celebration, companies such as The Ringling Brothers turned the idea into the circus and more traditionally what we think of today. No one is sure exactly when it started but it was written about in the 15th century in Venice.

How to celebrate – Read about the history of the Carnival. Go to Mardi Gras. Start your own parade, a large part of the Carnival tradition.

February 25th Pistol Patent Day

Samuel Colt invented the revolver in 1835 and received the US patent, #138, 1836. It has become an important weapon in the world’s arsenal but also a controversial one as well. The first controversial part is that Colt invented a revolver, not a pistol. I revolver has a cylinder that turns bringing the ammunition into play, a pistol is generally fed automatically from a different type of source. So we should really be celebrating Revolver Patent Day but then… who cares.

How to celebrate – Learn the difference in a pistol and a revolver. Go practice shooting at a range. Remember to keep all weapons locked up.

February 24th National Toast Day

February 24th National Toast Day

This day is celebrated on the last Thursday of February so the dates will change. This year it’s on the 24th obviously. The day was created back in 2014 by the Tiptree World Bread Awards in the UK. Since then it has world wide and celebrated nearly every place bread is available, which means, everywhere! It’s a simple enough item to make, you just need bread and fire and that has been around for over 8,000 years according to historians.

How to celebrate – Make your own bread. Figure out which brand of bread is your favorite. Learn how to make fire.

February 23rd International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

Here’s a day you don’t often get to celebrate, and maybe you don’t celebrate it at all but I am sure your dog does… and it doesn’t matter what country they come from or what country they live in. In fact, I doubt dogs know they might be anything different than you. If we treat them like a child, and most of us do, they probably don’t even know they are a dog. So reward them with a treat today and be thankful your dog appreciates it.

How to celebrate – Give your dog a biscuit. Learn to make your own biscuits. Treat your dog well.

February 22nd Be Humble Day

We all are proud of what we accomplish in our lives but if we take it too far by bragging and forcing others to regard it as highly as we do is far from being humble. Frankly, there isn’t much we can accomplish in life without someone else’s help in some way. So be humble, whatever gifts you have, have been given to you by some greater power. Use your gifts to help others and your gifts in return will be far great than any you can imagine yourself.

How to celebrate – Be humble. List the gifts you have been given and who gave them to you. Celebrate the accomplishments of others.