February 12th National Lost Penny Day

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin designed the first penny in 1787? (At least in the US) Eventually, in 1909, President Lincoln image was placed on the penny as Presidents replaced other images on nearly every coin. Some pennies are just pennies, others are worth a lot since they may have been double stamped or even been made of copper during World War 2 when they weren’t supposed to be. But today is about finding them, a lost one, and good luck with that… one is pretty much just like another. And most are useless these days unless something is odd about them. The day was created by Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith in 1995, she’s a eventologist!

How to celebrate – Look for that lost penny. Mark your pennies in someway so you’ll know which is which. Offer a penny for someone’s thoughts.

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