March 6th National Oreo Cookie Day

March 6th National Oreo Cookie Day

Sam J. Porcello created the Oreo cookie as a Nabisco Food Scientist back in 1912. I had no idea the cookie was over one hundred years old, nor that it took a Food Scientist to create it! (Actually I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a food scientist) So people have been enjoying this treat for a really long time. They have begun to make different version of the cookie, pumpkin, mint, birthday cake and red and green Oreo’s for Christmas, As well as a lot of other flavors and colors. So even though each cookies carries 45 calories with it, think of it more as showing you love for history by eating a package of one of the world’s favorite cookies.

How to celebrate – Have some Oreos! Be a Food Scientist. Learn how to properly dunk your cookie.  

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