March 27th National Joe Day

There was a time when the most identified name in America was Joe. Actually it covered the world as well. The everyday Joe, G.I. Joe, a version of a Kangaroo, a cup of coffee. You name it and it was probably referred to as Joe at least sometime in the past. Today it’s not as common as people began to give more meaning to their children’s names like, “L’Orange” or “LaLemon” (For orange and lemon jello!) You know, names that no one can spell and no one has a clue what they mean, including the parent giving them out. It’s important to give your child an identity they can be proud of even if it takes them 30 years to figure out how to spell it.

How to celebrate – Find out more version of what the name Joe was used for. Have a cup of Joe. Make a list of famous Joe’s.


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