April 30th Arbor Day

Today is a tree lover’s favorite day of the year, Arbor Day! It always comes on the last Friday day of April, since 1872, when a major effort was made to fill the nearly barren state of Nebraska with trees. Arbor is the Latin word for tree and today we have the National Arbor Day Foundation who helps us remember the importance of trees in providing all they do for mankind. In recent years the Arbor Day Foundation has planted some 18 million trees on Arbor Day to replace those lost due to natural causes, greed, fire and in the “name of progress”. If you get a chance, today is a great day for you to plant a tree and watch it grow over the years. It makes you feel a part of nature and is sort of like watching a child grow up.

How to celebrate – Give to the National Arbor Day Foundation. Plant a tree. Visit a forest.


April 30th International Jazz Day

Jazz was born in New Orleans in the late 1800’s. It rapidly moved into an International form of entertainment and musical expression. Today was created by Herbie Hancock in 2011 as a member of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Culture Organization. There are times when jazz gets beyond the average listener, becoming an art form for those musicians who require a more expressive form of music.

How to celebrate – Go to New Orleans to hear some jazz. Study the great jazz musicians. Learn how to play a musical instrument.

April 30th Save the Frogs Day

Bulls, Leopards, and Crickets – oh my! No…I am not talking about a variety of animals – I’m talking about a variety of FROGS! This day is the world’s largest day of amphibian education and conservation action of these slimy (oh I mean wonderful) creatures. All kidding aside – frogs are an integral part of our ecosystem and like many other animals are dwindling in numbers due to encroachment in their habitats as well as smuggling of endangered amphibians. So join others this day in helping spread the word to help our fine green amphibian friends…and red, and black, and orange…ok you get the picture 🙂 Kermit will thank you!

How to celebrate: Watch the Muppet Movie. Join other hobbyists in celebrating the day on social media channels and on their official site at savethefrogs.com, even better, organize your own event and register it on their site. Check out some great Documentaries on YouTube to learn more about Frogs.

April 29th Greenery Day

Today was Japanese Emperor Hirohito’s birthday. Japan is known for it’s lush, beautiful gardens and Hirohito spent much of his life tending to his numerous gardens. He was Emperor of Japan during World War 2 but had very little to do with the actual war. Whether he supported the war or not is not clear. He ruled as the Emperor until 1989, and upon his death he was remembered by making Greenery Day a holiday.

How to celebrate – Tend your own garden. Visit Japan. Read about Hirohito’s life.


April 28th Cracker Day

April 28th Cracker Day

Who doesn’t like a good cracker? They go with practically every food, are great for soups and dips and can serve as an emergency meal if required.  The cracker seems to have been around for nearly as long as man has been eating. Crackers, called Hardtack, was a main staple of soldiers during the Civil War in both the Federal side and the Confederate side. There are basically three types of crackers, Soda Crackers, Graham Crackers and Snack Crackers.

How to celebrate – Set up a cracker tasting party. Make a charcuterie board. Figure out what a charcuterie board is.

April 28th International Astronomy Day

Are you ready to explore the vast and mysterious universe? Look no further than April 28th – International Astronomy Day! This day celebrates the wonders of the cosmos and encourages people to gaze up at the sky with curiosity and awe.

Astronomy is not just about gazing at stars and planets; it’s a complex science that has helped us understand the fundamental laws of the universe. From the formation of galaxies to the discovery of new planets, astronomy has always been a subject of fascination and intrigue for humanity.

So, what better way to celebrate International Astronomy Day than by immersing yourself in the wonders of the universe? Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, find a spot with minimal light pollution, and lay down to gaze up at the stars.

If you want to take it a step further, why not become an astronomer yourself? With the right equipment and a passion for the cosmos, you can discover new planets, stars, and even black holes! Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next astronomer to make a groundbreaking discovery.

And let’s not forget about the beauty and poetry of astronomy. We name stars after our loved ones, we navigate using the constellations, and we make wishes on falling stars.

So take a moment on International Astronomy Day to marvel at the majesty of the universe and all the wonders it holds.

April 27th International Crow and Raven Day

April 27th International Crow and Raven Day

Edgar Allen Poe would be proud of this day, never more! The Crow and the Raven are a part of the Corvidae species (No, not Covid) along with Magpies and Jays. They are scavengers, like most birds of prey, and carry a bad attitude persona mainly due to Poe and farmers who try to keep any of these birds away from their crops. The Raven is about twice the size of a crow but otherwise they look nearly identical, except for a slight beard. Since both C rows and Ravens are dark they are often included in stories that give them a fear factor above other birds.

How to celebrate – Read Poe’s works. Build a Scarecrow to keep these birds away. Study the Corvidae species.

April 27th Tell A Story Day

Most of our history, both true and fictional, has been handed down over the years by those who are telling a story to their family, friends and neighbors. Even if the storyteller is just suggesting a book to read they are still relating an experience one can be entertained by, educated by or informed by. Stories are often told at schools, around campfires or even in explaining life experiences. The better the story is told, the better its message is received. “Why The Evergreens Stay Green” (written by me :)) is a story that I was told growing up and have enhanced on, probably as it was before I heard it. Give it a shot, it’s cheap and I hope you will enjoy it (shameless plug).

How to celebrate – Tell a story to your friends, or family tonight. Learn stories from storytellers. Read “Why The Evergreens Stay Green” by John L Olbert.

April 26th Alien Day

April 26th Alien Day

You might think this day is about the little green men from Mars but you’d be wrong.  Today is about Ridley Scott’s planet LV-426 in the movie “Alien”, a 1979 20th Century Fox release. We all probably remember it best for that Alien that popped out of people’s chests as though they were giving birth. It is what it is and like most series, it got less believable over the many remakes but the original is still a fan favorite.

How to celebrate – Watch an “Alien” movie. Visit planet LV-426. Pretend like you are an astronaut.

April 26th National Pretzel Day

Pretzels were not invented in Germany! The first pretzel came out of Southern France when monks made them as a reward for children who properly learned their prayers, somewhere around 610 AD. Now the Germans did find they went really well with beer so they became popular in Germany soon there after. Pretzels were first made in the US in 1850 by Julius Sturgis in Lithz, Pennsylvania. Salt was probably not added to the original pretzels which accordingly to resemble children’s hands folded in prayer.

How to celebrate – Learn how to make your own pretzels. Enjoy eating some pretzels. Visit Germany.