May 24th International Tiara Day

Does wearing a tiara make you feel like a queen? It should, after all Queen Victoria of England wore her crown (Or Tiara) from 1837 – 1901! A tiara is a set of jewels at their finest. I think that it probably even makes the jewels it is adorned with feel more important. Oh, and it works for Princess’ and at all teen and younger dances. Today was created by Barbara Bellisimo in 2005 for her, “Season of Success”.

How to celebrate – Wear your tiara. If you don’t have a tiara, get one. Pretend you are royalty.

May 23rd Lucky Penny Day

Find a penny on heads and it’s considered good luck. What if you found 2,000 pennies on tails? Wouldn’t that be lucky as well? Well maybe, but if you try to put 2,000 pennies in your pocket that might not work out to well. If you find a copper penny made during World War Two you’ll not only be lucky but you’ll also be rich! Just keep in mind that if you are looking for your lucky penny on the ground, look up every once in a while or you might finds yourself walking into a wall!

How to celebrate – Look for a lucky penny. If you find a penny on tails, turn it over but don’t take it, it will be lucky for the next person. Start a penny collection.

May 22nd National Maritime Day

Did you know that during a time of war that all merchant shipping actually becomes a part of the Armed Services? I suppose this is to place those independent ships under the protection of the Navy as they carry valuable cargo and troops to battle. Congress actually created this day back in 1933 prior to World War 2 where some 250,000 men and women served in the Merchant Marine, 6,700 were lost along with some 800 ships sunk during the war. The most noted Merchant Marine ship were the Liberty ships built, and lightly armed, to transport war assets.

How to celebrate – Read about the Merchant Marine service in America. Become a Merchant Marine. Read about the wolf packs of World War 2.

May 21st Armed Forces Day

Louis Johnson, Sec. of Defense, created Armed Forces Day to celebrate all the branches of military service in America. He created in in 1949 just after World War 2 when the Air Force separated from the Army creating the US Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines and Coast Guard as separate branches of service. Each branch has elements of the other services among themselves making certain assignments easier to coordinate but each is also separate to allow independent thought and command.

How to celebrate – Thank anyone you see in any branch of service for what they do to protect us. Study the different branches of the services. Learn why all branches are separate.

May 20th National Endangered Species Day

There is no doubt that animals worst enemy is man. We kill them for food, sport and because we want their homeland to build new homes and businesses for ourselves. So it’s only natural that we should be responsible to keep the endanger species alive in the world since we are the ones destroying them. Today is celebrate on the third Friday of May and proclaimed by the US Congress in 2006. It is supported by the National Wildlife Foundation and the US Fish and Wildlife Organizations. It would be a shame to see so many creatures of the earth disappear because we just didn’t care.

How to celebrate – Support wildlife organizations in anyway you can. Learn which creatures are endangered in your area. Zoos are not endangered species enemy, support them in their efforts to keep species alive.

May 19th Band Aid Day

If you got a boo boo you probably covered it up with a Band Aid, which is actually a brand, not the material… though we call it the material. The Band Aid was developed by Earle Dickson for his accident prone wife in 1920. Since he did it on Johnson and Johnson time, it became theirs. Dickson was rewarded with a token vice-president position while Johnson and Johnson went on to make over a hundred billion Band Aids a year. You figure the profits! There are a lot of knock offs these days but few actually work as well as Johnson and Johnson’s product.

How to celebrate – Make sure you have Band Aids for those accidents around the house. Learn what other products Johnson and Johnson makes. Get the smiley face Band Aids just for fun.

May 19th Boy’s Club Day

The first Boys Club of America was opened in 1860 in Hartford, Conn. by three women… Elizabeth Hamersley and Mary and Alice Goodwin. I assume because there were so many boys roaming the streets of Hartford that these three ladies felt needed to be given something to do to stay out of trouble. They were probably right and since then the Boys and Girls Club of America has gone on to serve communities all across America with very positive results. Oddly girls were not added until 1990, guess they didn’t roam the streets as much. Anyway The Boys and Girls Clubs of America have changed many lives for the better and need your support to continue on.

How to celebrate – Find out where the Boys and Girls Clubs meet in your town. Volunteer to help at the Clubs in your area. Give financial contributions to your Boy”s and Girl’s Club.

May 18th International Museum Day

The largest museum in the world is the Louvre in Paris. Built in 1792 it is 782,910 square feet and the home to the Mona Lisa. Most of us think of museums as places to visit fine art but frankly, there are more that don’t contain any art than those that do. There are museums for practically every interest including, trains, toys, war, furniture, fashion, buttons, aprons… well, the list goes on and on. Today was created back in 1977 by the International Council of Museums. I wonder if they included the lint museum in their collection?

How to celebrate – Visit a museum. Create your own museum. Make a list of museums where you live.

May 17th Pack Rat Day

I admit it, I am a pack rat. I keep some many things that I hope to use some day, but never seem to get to That I no longer have any idea what I’ve kept and what I haven’t. So much of the stuff I had good intentions for is now buried under other stuff I had good intentions for that I can no longer have any more good intentions! My wife is always telling me if I haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it. My logic just doesn’t go there. I am a, if I keep it for twenty years it will become an antique, person. Enjoy your pack rattedness. (Yes I made that up)

How to celebrate – Go admire all those things you have pack ratted away. Make a list of what you have put away so you know at least that you did save it. Every time you use something from you pile of junk, note it so you can be proud of using it.

May 16th Wear Purple For Peace Day

There are always more wars going on than we know of every given day. Whether they are tribal wars in Africa or territorial wars in the Middle East, religious wars in Asia or drug wars in South America if you live in a country that is not currently at war with someone, feel very fortunate. The idea is to wear purple today showing your support for peace, it really is the very least you can do.

How to celebrate – Actively find some way to help those at war. Study where they are wars and police actions in the world today. Enjoy the peace in your country.