May 13th Friday the 13th

Well here it is again, Friday the 13th. Unlucky to most people, except the ancient Mayans. If you suffer from Triskaidekaphobia you’ll just want to stay in bed. (That’s the fear of Friday the 13th) I am sort of afraid of the word more than the day. Anyway, no one knows exactly when this day became something to fear. We do know that the Code of Hammurabi omitted the number 13 in their list of laws so that makes it at least sometime before 1,700 BC. So they’ve made movies out of the fear, written books and omitted thinks like the 13th floor of a building or not letting 13 people in the crew of a ship. How far does it go with with you?

How to celebrate – Watch the movie “Friday the 13th”. Find a reason to celebrate Friday the 13th. Go back to bed and sleep the day away.


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