May 15th Police Officers Memorial Day

Ya, ya… I know… we aren’t supposed to like the police anymore but the only thing more foolish than that is thinking that anyone else is ever going to come to your rescue. Today was created by Congress, Presidential Proclamation #3337, in 1963. As with any line of work, there are good people and bad people that get employed but the mass majority of police officers are hard working, honest men and women. And many, many die trying to keep our world safe. We need to honor them, those men and women who gave their lives trying keep us safe, in many cases even from ourselves. So until you try doing what they do, honor them… you cannot possibly know what they go through even when doing something as simple as issuing a speeding ticket.

How to celebrate – Honor the fallen police officers in your community. Respect all police, they deserve it. Ride with a police officer for the day to see first hand what they go through.


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