June 1st Flip A Coin Day

I think we have all done it once or twice, flipping a coin and letting it make a choice for us. Believe me, a coin doesn’t mean the choice is right. Just ask Julius Caesar, perhaps the first coin tosser, at least on record, to let the flip of a coin choose for him what to do next. Lets hope he did not flip a coin to choose whether to go to work the day he was stabbed to death or not! They flip a coin to see who gets the ball first in a football game and sometimes it makes a difference, but sometimes it doesn’t. In other words, it will probably make the right choice 50% of the time. So give it a try, maybe it will work and maybe it won’t. Its all bout your luck, which is another story entirely.

How to celebrate – Flip a coin to make your choices. Gert a two sides coin so you know what will come up heads. If you aren’t sure of the answer you can always flip it again, best 2 out of three!


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