June 7th VCR Day

The first VCR was designed in 1956, it didn’t catch on. To be fair, people didn’t really have a lot to record and it was probably really expensive. By the 1970’s, nearly everyone had one whether in the VHS format or in Beta. Today, kids have no clue what a VCR is and the problem with that is, I have all my videos on VHS tapes now and it would cost a small fortune to have them converted to CD’s and even CD’s are now out dated. I tried to buy a computer with a CD player on it and they don’t even hardly exist anymore! Oh boy, let’s continue to change formats until everything we have is totally obsolete!

How to celebrate – Break out all you VHS, CD’s, 8 track, Cassettes, and wonder what is on them you can no longer use. Store away any working VCR’s you might have. Remember the good old days (Since you can’t watch them anymore)


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