July 12th National Eat your Jell-O Day

J….E…..LL….O… if you’re as old as I am, you will remember the catchy little jingle that played on the commercials. Brightly colored, jiggly fun! Oh the thoughts of it brings back some great summer memories. Jell-O was trademarked all the way back in 1897..who knew this fun treat has been in existence that long. Well actually gelatin has been around a lot longer, and the name means “stiff” or “frozen”. I think I like the ring of Jell-O just a tad bit better. Anyway, eat some Jell-O today or prank your Office friends by putting their stapler in some.

How to celebrate: Duh…eat some Jell-O. Watch the Office. See how many edible things you can add to Jell-O.


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