July 20th International Boombox Day

So I can’t find many references to the day, but it does show up on a Facebook account back in 2017. So why not..let’s reinstate and get the skateboard rolling again on this one! Ahh..the 80’s, what’s not to like….ok, well, um, yeah – a lot but it was a fun time. Summer would not have been summer without someone carrying a huge boombox around on their shoulder, blasting music that most adults did not like. The boombox was a way to unite – it was a staple for some great neighborhood competitions, form breakdancing to rap battles. Just like the jukebox, the boombox is slowly fading and being replaced by new gadgets – but it will live on in our hearts and some museum somewhere.

How to celebrate – Find a boombox on ebay and bring back the nostalgia. Have a skateboard or dance-off party. If you subscribed to our July Original Holiday Box, carry around your boombox towel and look cool at the beach!


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