August 31st National Eat Outside Day

It’s fun to eat outside and watch the world pass by. With the last few nice days before the cold comes, it may be one of your last chances to eat a meal out in the open, whether it be a picnic or at a sidewalk cafe. The food even seems to taste better outside for some unknown reason. Check the weather before you set out and make sure it isn’t going to rain, and if it is then find covered place to eat and watch the rain fall.

How to celebrate – Go on a picnic. Find a spot you will enjoy eating at someplace outside. Get a partner who wants to join you eating outside.


August 30th Frankenstein Day

We all know, and sort of love, the monster that Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley create in 1818, Frankenstein! He isn’t as bad as some of the other monsters we face and is always misunderstood. One of the leading questions today is, was it possible Mary actually knew someone attempting to do “Frankenstein” to resurrect a loved one. The idea of making a human out of parts from dead people was a fascinating idea back in the early 1800’s and one apparently concerning to the population of Europe. Today, August 30th, 1797 was Mary’s birthday.

How to celebrate – Read Frankenstein. Watch one of the many Frankenstein movies. Read some of Shelley’s other works.

August 29th International Bat Night

“Eurobats” created International Bat Night in 1977 to help create an awareness of bats and dispel the myths about them. Bats can live up to 30 years, but they can barely see their prey using “Echolocation” to guide them through the dark caves, belfries and other places they can hide in. Most bats are small, but the “Flying Fox’ bat can have up to a 6-foot wingspan. Though the vampire movies make bats out to be an evil creature they normally try to avoid humans where possible.

How to celebrate – Don’t be afraid of bats. If you have a mosquito problem, put some bats in your yard. Use bat guano in your gardens.

August 28th Race Your Mouse Day

Today is another of those odd days that decided to copyright, it’s “Race Your Mouse Day”. In their hurry to claim today they forgot to tell us which mouse they were referring to, or maybe they meant to race anything we know of as a mouse, perhaps against each other. Anyway, go ahead and race which ever, or both, mouses you have but remember that is there is any money involved you will owe Wellcat something. Oh, also make sure it is legal in your state.

How to celebrate – On your mark! Get set! GO!!!

August 27th Just Because Day

If you have ever wanted to do something “Just Because” today is that day to do it. So often we wait for a reason to do something or look for a cause to champion but why not just do it because you can? You don’t need to wait for anybody else, for the weather to be good or because it might conflict with some other date, time or place. So get out there and do something just because you want to, make sure it’s legal first, and then add it to the list of things you have accomplished on your bucket list.

How to celebrate – Do something “Just Because”. Do something you have never done before. Look at life in a new way today.

August 26th National Dog Day

So anybody that knows me knows I love dogs. They are truly our very special friends so long as we treat them at least half way decently. They seem to love us unconditionally, stay by our sides in good times and bad and always off a smile, handshake or just a hug when times are rough. Yes, I am well aware there are some bad dogs out here too but generally speaking, the only reason they are bad is because we abuse them or train them to hate instead of love. If you give a dog just a minute of your time, they will give you a lifetime of theirs

How to celebrate – Love your dog. Rescue a dog if you don’t already have one. Treat your dog well and they will treat you equally as well. (If not more so).

August 25th Kiss and Make Up Day

I know a lot of people who argue just so they can kiss and make-up. Not a really good idea in my opinion but to each their own. We all do things that make people mad, when we make a loved one mad it seems even harder to correct that mistake so I never suggest doing something you know will make your loved one mad. And you really don’t have to wait until there is a problem to kiss, sometimes maybe a kiss can even save a problem from coming up in the first place. Jacqueline V. Milgate created today suggesting that we “Kiss and Make Up”. Well, it’s her birthday so I guess we can try to make it a special day and pretend we are mad, just so we can kiss and make up.

How to celebrate – Kiss someone you are mad at. (This could get awkward) Remember why you fell in love with someone instead of what they did to make you mad. Do not try and kiss an electric eel.

August 24th Iconic American Restaurants Day

There have been numerous restaurants that were the favorite places for people to gather to east in American History which have failed at one time or another. Places like the Harvey House use to dot the country at train stations as people needed to eat after traveling for long hours on a train. Or like Howard Johnson that also served the traveling public on the road but has disappeared off the map, except for the last one standing in Lake George, NY that Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY sites for Holiday Insights in 2020. There will come as time when even McDonald’s begin to go extinct.

How to celebrate – Go to your favorite restaurant before it disappears. Try to remember restaurants in your area that have already gone out of business. Take pictures of your restaurant before it disappears.

August 23rd Ride The Wind Day

Today is all about using as natural power source to supply movement, the wind. This includes things like flying, sailing, hang gliding, anything where wind powers your way. It’s a little chancy to plan your day, and entertainment, accordingly because it is a source you cannot control. You have to go along with where the wind wants to take you and how fast it wants to get you there, if at all. It can help provide energy for the earth, but just like all things concerning mother nature, she gives and she takes away!

How to celebrate – Go fly a kite. Invest in wind power for your electric, just don’t depend on it. Get a wind gauge.

August 22nd Be An Angel Day

The idea of being an Angel has appealed to most people at one time or another. To be able to watch over those who you leave behind and still be able to help them in some way. To watch over those in need, those who are suffering, to me Michael Landon. Well, you can’t be an actual an Angel. In fact, according to what a minster told me, humans can not be… ever, ever… an Angel. Beyond that, I was told Angels are a step below man. (I find that really, really hard to believe) But I am not educated in what it takes to become and Angel so I will pass on the information and you can choose to believe it or not.

How to celebrate – Try and help people where you can. Try to be nice and caring. Reach for the stars!