August 25th Kiss and Make Up Day

I know a lot of people who argue just so they can kiss and make-up. Not a really good idea in my opinion but to each their own. We all do things that make people mad, when we make a loved one mad it seems even harder to correct that mistake so I never suggest doing something you know will make your loved one mad. And you really don’t have to wait until there is a problem to kiss, sometimes maybe a kiss can even save a problem from coming up in the first place. Jacqueline V. Milgate created today suggesting that we “Kiss and Make Up”. Well, it’s her birthday so I guess we can try to make it a special day and pretend we are mad, just so we can kiss and make up.

How to celebrate – Kiss someone you are mad at. (This could get awkward) Remember why you fell in love with someone instead of what they did to make you mad. Do not try and kiss an electric eel.

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