October 14th National Dessert Day

Finally a day we can all really enjoy, National Dessert Day!!! Pig pout on your favorite dessert today, or favorite desserts. (No one said it had to be only one kind of dessert!) Naturally some desserts are better for you than others…. a bowl of unsweetened fruit is far better that a bowl of Milky Ways! But this is the day to allow yourself to have something sweet, just because. And we all need that. If we deny ourselves any luxury we will eventually become grumpy, maybe a bit more healthy, but very, very grumpy. So indulge, enjoy, and diet tomorrow!

How to celebrate – Enjoy your favorite dessert(s). List all your favorite desserts to make sure you don;t forget one. Sample some new desserts, who knows, maybe you’ll find a new one thast becomes your favorite!


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