October 27th Navy Day

Navy Day celebrates…. wait for it…. the Navy! Surprised!?! The U.S. Navy was created o OCT 13th, 1775 because well, they needed it to fight the American Revolution. The day was created by the Navy League in 1922 and put on Theodore Roosevelt’s birthday since he was one of the more aggressive Secretary’s of the Navy. Which of, course, was when the Maine was sunk in Cuba, maybe on purpose, maybe an act of war or maybe an accident. No one will ever know. And Roosevelt did do a lot for the Navy, he built it up to become a world class Navy. Oddly, however, he joined the Army to go fight the war in Cuba.

How to celebrate – Admire the Navy we have today, it is the words best. Read all Roosevelt did for the Navy. Celebrate our Naval personnel and thank them for their service.


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