October 29th National Cat Day

Okay, so after living with at least nine cats, or more, in the house for the last thirty years I can officially say, I am over cats. There is a fight at least once an hour, throw up nearly every ten steps in any direction, someone is mad so there is cat spray normally in excess of 10 so I am trying to find whose spraying twice. You can’t lay down anywhere in the house…. ever… you wear cat fur to every occasion, every plate of food is sampled before you get to it, your grocery bill for cat food exceeds your families food bill. Some dying creature is being drug inside most every night, no door can be opened without a cat appearing and wanting to go out but it takes them ten minutes in the doorway to figure out if they really want to go out. I use to love cats, back when my life was filled with one or two bundles of joy… not a herd of constantly complaining little bitc….

How to celebrate – Keep you cat population under control! You do not need to adopt every cat you see, including your neighbors. Never try to reason with a cat.


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