October 30th Mischief Night

Okay, so… Halloween in tomorrow night and you get the bright idea to go to the same people you are going to ask candy from and toilet paper their house, soap their windows, steal furniture off the porch or cause whatever damage you can without getting caught. There’s some really good thinking! While Mischief Night does occur in America it really is more focused on England where they truly haven’t figured out Halloween in the couple of hundred years they have celebrated it. Oh well, to each their own. If you expect me to give you candy on Halloween, don’t trash my house the night before.

How to celebrate – Just think about all the nasty things you could do to a neighbor instead of actually doing it. If you really want to trash someones house of car… trash your own and then you can have all the fun of cleaning it up to yourself. Spend your time doing nice things for others instead of mean things.


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