December 23rd Roots Day

We all have a heritage, no one’s is better than another just different. Whether you come from Asia or Africa, Europe or Mars… you are entitled to your genealogy and none can be said to be wrong today because none of us were there to change it when it may have needed to be changed. I am amazed at how little people know about who thy actual come from and why they got where they are. I guess ignorance is bliss because lies are more often believed than truth. If you don;t know, learn, if you don;t like what you have, then make up a new one because that’s what you are going to believe anyway.

How to celebrate – Learn where your family came from. Learn how your family got where it is. Be proud of who you are, you can’t change it anyway. (By the way. Alex Haley’s “Roots” was totally fictional… don’t believe me, look it up!)


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