January 28th National Seed Swap Day

There is no question that different plants grow in different regions of the world. The idea of getting hold of the seeds so you can plant them in your area is the intent behind the National Seed Swap Day started by Kathy Jentz, editor and publisher of the Washington Garden Magazine, She created today on January 26th, 2006. (No word on how it ended up on the 28th) Still the idea is great for any plant, flower or even things you can eat. They might not grow in your climate, or due to the soil you have, but it is fun to try anyway.

How to celebrate – Try and swap seeds with someone from across the world. See what plants you can introduce to your area. Enjoy what you consider exotic plants that are quite normal in other locations.

January 27th Chocolate Cake Day

If you ask most people what cake they like best the normal reply will be chocolate.now to be fair, there are many, many version of chocolate cake and people who like one generally like them all. It doesn’t even seem to matter much whether it’s milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate… if you like chocolate, you pretty much like chocolate! The first chocolate cake did not appear until somewhere between the 1890’s and the 1900’s. While Columbus took it back with him to Europe in the late 1400’s it was used in drinks as such before bakers figured out it could enhance more recipes.

How to celebrate – Have some chocolate cake. Make up your own new chocolate cake recipe. Learn about chocolate cake in all the different countries.

January 26th Dental Drill Appreciation Day

The dental drill has been around since 7,000 BC.. It was the bow drill and while it worked, it did not work quickly. Imagine that dentist having you in a chair and drilling on your tooth, which already hurts, and taking maybe an hour to get to the source of the problem. (Or maybe longer) In 1864 British dentist George Fellows Harrington created “Erado” which was a better drill but still only operated around 15rpm. That may not mean anything to you until you realize that in 1914 that drill went from 15rpm to 3,000 rpm. Just a bit faster. The next step up was to 180,000 rpm and those used today run at some 800,000 rpm.

How to celebrate – Thank your dentist for the faster speeds of drills. Imagine, if you can, having a dentist work on you with a drill that ran 15rpm. Take care of your teeth so you don’t have to visit the dentist’s drill.

January 26th Spouse’s Day

After you have been married for a while we all come to expect things from our spouse that they normally do, or always have done. These are often things very important to our lives, our routine and even our lives but we tend to forget to thank them for all they do. Maybe today should be that day. Sometimes it’s not even about thanking them, though we should, it’s as much about recognizing just how much we need them in our lives and how hard it would be to live without them. Sometimes they do things they don’t even know they are doing to make our lives easier because they have been doing it for so long. So spend the day with your spouse, and do something special for them. After-all, they are the one you chose to spend your life with.

How to celebrate – Thank your spouse for all they do. Spend some time alone with your spouse just doing nothing. So something special for your spouse to let them know you love them.

January 25th Opposite Day

If you ever worked at a public, or private school, I am sure you hate this day as much as I do. It just gets carried away. The day may have started back in the 1800’s as it is mentioned in Alice In Wonderland. It may have started in the 1920’s as President Calvin Coolidge was constantly saying the opposite of what he meant to say. (At least he was saying something!) But it seems in probably came from some where between 2010 and 2015 when it got the most attention. Anyway, we all know what you are supposed to do, Sleep when your normally awake, wear your underwear on the outside of your clothes and say things the opposite of what you mean. All pretty common, and very annoying stuff.

How to celebrate – Celebrate today by doing the opposite of what you should be doing. Pretend you have the opposite personality of what you actually have. Go back to bed and wait for today to end.

January 24th Beer Can Appreciation Day

We so often take things for granted… things like the beer can. The first beer can came into use in 1935, January 24th obviously, for Krueger’s Finest Beer. It was produced by the American Beer Company, I guess using the name Krueger to sound like they were German. But see, right there, by labeling the can they probably sold more than them might otherwise have sold! In fact the art of the beer can sells more beer than the beer itself. The colors of the can, the artwork done on it, even the words making it more patriotic or trendy. So give that can some appreciation before you crush it against your forehead. You need to do it before because you probably won’t remember afterwards!

How to celebrate – Study you favorite beer can. Compare your beer can to other beer cans. Stat collecting beer cans… empty or full.

January 23rd National Handwriting Day

Good handwriting is important, that’s something I really know nothing about. My handwriting is so bad I can;t even read it! But today was created for those that have good and writing and the opportunity to still improve it. It was created by WIMA, the Writing Machine Manufacturers Association back in 1977 and placed on John Hancock’s birthday, you remember him… the guy who signed the Declaration Of Independence with that nearly perfect handwriting! My grandfather got his hand caught in a corn picker as a younger man and had his hand mangled. He still wrote with that hand and had some of the most beautiful handwriting I’ve ever seen. Just goes to show how lazy I am!

How to celebrate – Practice your penmanship. Take handwriting lessons. Take the time to write things people can actually read.

January 22nd National Blonde Brownie Day

Anybody can have a regular brownie and I mean, what are they called… brownies! So just what color should a brownie be!?! However, we can confuse the issue by making ones what are blonde in color. They are made with vanilla to change the color, and slightly the taste, but they are nearly the same… just as fattening and, of course, less traditional. They can still be made with, or without, nuts and you might even try adding white chocolate chips instead of regular chocolate chips to take your brownie all the way!

How to celebrate – Make some blonde brownies! Make whatever color brownies you want. (Use food dye) Just make some regular brownies and pretend they are blonde.

January 21st National Hugging Day

Here’s a day that has probably gone out of favor since Covid, National Hugging Day. The original idea was great, give a hug get a hug and everyone was the better for it. Now it’s give a hug and spread the illness and everybody is sicker for it! See how that works! Well the Rev. Kevin Zaborney of Michigan meant well when he created this day back in 1986. Just didn’t workout too well some forty years later. That said, hugging is a great thing, people need hugs… I guess like everything else though… it’s just not in the cards to be that close after all.

How to celebrate – Learn to give virtual hugs… then are fun… right!?! Find a new way to let people know you care. Hug your animals, they don’t care.

January 20th National Cheese Lovers Day

Who doesn’t love cheese!?! I guess maybe people who are lactose intolerant but who else!?! Did you know that there are some 900-1,400 varieties of cheese? That quite a difference in numbers… anyway… cheeses are determined by texture.. and I always though it was taste! The first cheese appears to have come along by accident too somewhere between 7,500 and 8,000 BC in either Poland or Arabia. Why either Poland or Arabia? Too many questions for a cheese lover because all we want is more cheese!

How to celebrate – See how many different types of cheese you can name. Try and figure out why cheese was discovered in Poland or Arabia. Select your favorite cheeses and enjoy!