January 30th National Inane Answering Machine Day

So do you still use an answering machine!?! I don;t even have a regular hardwired telephone anymore! Ya, I know, this day is all about the message style you leave on your answering call answering devise, and what else can you really call it but an answering machine? A message gatherer!?! Buddy the Elf is popular and is Darth Vader. Maybe Ronald Reagan or Mickey Mouse. It’s really your choice! You pay for it and you can pretty much get anyone to answer your phone. Of course, people generally calling you just want to leave a message and not hear Buddy for the 800th time but it’s your phone so do what you want. Today was another of the extremely valuable days created by Wellcat.co.

How to celebrate – Make up your own stupid answering machine message. Get rid of your answering machine and join the rest of the world on a cell phone. Makeup a language of your own to answer your phone. (Let them figure that one out!)


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