February 1st No Politics Day

Wouldn’t it be wonderful is even for just one day, all politics would just go away so that we didn’t have to hear any more lies, promises that are never kept and politicians that are so old even they can’t remember when they first got elected! Well they are there because of us, we are the ones who put them there and generally speaking… we all admit it’s because we couldn’t find anyone worthy of actually representing us. So let them talk, just not today. Let them make electric cars that cost more to operate than gas cars, dump more carbon into the atmosphere because of the process to make them. Give us better health care that we can’t get. (And they won;t use themselves) Just don’t call it leading because they aren’t. We all would be so much better off if there were no politicians leading to no politics day.

How to celebrate – Go back and look at who you voted for. (Still happy?) Don’t mention politics today. If you are a politician, go hide. ( That’s where we normally find you anyway)


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