February 18th National Drink Wine Day

It use to be that the only thing safe to drink was wine. It was processed in such away that it destroyed those elements in liquid that could harm a person. It also can be a very healthy drink for our systems, helping us digest our food and relaxing the nerves. Of course, like all things, we humans can find a way to make a good thing something bad so over drinking wine is not so good as we tend to get a little goofy and can endanger others when we do not realize we have had enough to drink. But for now, lets forget all about that and raise our glass to toast one another with a nice glass of white, red, rose or even sparkling wine… just no Ripple.

How to celebrate – Find a wine you like. Have one glass with supper every night. (The glass should not be gallon sized) Have a wine tasting party.


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