March 4th National Snack Day

So, who doesn’t like to snack!?! Snacks can be practically anything you eat in-between meals. They can be sweet, salty, even meat, cheese and veggies, the only important part of it is, you eat it between meals! Sometimes it helps re-energize you at work, or if you are running a race or if you just simply wear out during a long day. A snack can refresh you and get you back on your feet again! It can also be very, very bad for you if you eat the wrong things. Try and snack healthy, like fruits or vegetables, you’ll feel better and stay slimmer.

How to celebrate – Make up a list of your favorite snacks. Get snacks that are good for you, not fattening. Carry a snack with you if you run out of energy in the middle of the day.


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