March 13th Jewel Day

There are somewhere around 200 types of jewels known to man, how many can you name? Me, not too many! I love jewels but have to admit that beyond the diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby I get a little lost. There are large numbers of people who tie up fortunes in jewels, most going up in value but some tumbling as well. It’s kind of odd if you think about it that people invest in something nature provides at no cost, placing so much value on them that they become valued sometimes well beyond any use. (Sort of like somebody who plays with a ball and thinks they are worth 40 million dollars a year) It’s all the value we place on something and I suppose it’s worth whatever you can get so long as there is a market.

How to celebrate – How many jewels can you name? Decide what your favorite gem is. Try to determine what amount of money you have tied up in jewels.


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