March 28th Barnum & Bailey Day

The days of the traditional circus are gone. There will be no more traveling circus that have animals as featured parts of their entertainment. Some say this is good, others are disappointed. Phineas Barnum and James Bailey did bring the world of the circus to America starting in 1881 and closing in 2017. They were “The Greatest Show On Earth” and educated many people about different animals of the world as well as many different types of people in the world as well. They did it for money and profits, often not allowing the animals or human entertainers to receive proper treatment or care. But they also brought about a way of life for many who, while not thriving in their line of work, did serve a purpose often not made available to them.

How to celebrate – Read about the days of Barnum and Bailey. Read about the actors and animals Barnum and Bailey employed. Watch the film, “The Greatest Show On Earth”


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