March 31st National Crayon Day

“Coloring sticks” have been around since the 17th century. They were relatively expensive and hard to come by until the early 1900’s when they started being made out of wax. The Crayola company began shortly there-after in 1902 and have been in business ever since. Today, if I understand it correctly, it the day new crayola colors are released to the world. Over the years some 120 new colors have been added but since they can only make boxes so big they have also rid themselves of 50 colors over the years. I am not sure why they stop making certain colors unless it’s to make them scarce and collectors items. it just like any big company, find a color you like and they get rid of it!

How to celebrate – Buy some crayons. Search for interesting coloring books. Try learning how to make your own crayons.


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