April 10th Golfer’s Day

Today we celebrate the game of golf. Sort of odd to me that it comes on a Monday but then, why not. Golfer’s Day has been around since 1916 when the Professional Golfer’s Association (The PGA) named it as such. It is a great game, seemingly a little pointless but then aren’t most games. I mean, you hit the ball so you can go after it so you can hit it again only to eventually, and hopefully, find it in a hole so you can pick it up and start all over again. And you do this 18 times for some unknown reason. But it is great exercise and a good social outing and you get to go drinking afterwards, or before, or sometimes even during!

How to celebrate – Go play golf. Spend thousands of dollars on equipment so you can chase that little white ball around even more! Buy a golf cart, that’s where most of the fun is anyway!


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