April 20th Look Alike Day

So today is all about looking like each other, or sort of anyway. The funny thing is, as we try to look different than each other, the more we all do look alike! Trends in hair style, color and even the lack there of come and go like the wind and we all spend time trying to look like the latest fad. The world is filled with Doppelgangers and Impersonators, some are pretty good mimicking another human… or whatever they choose. But most of us spend our days trying to look like someone else, which in the end, makes us all try to look like each other! Green hair isn’t odd if everybody has green hair, hair cuts aren’t different if everybody looks the same, stuff hanging out your nose isn’t all that attractive (ever) if everyone has stuff hanging out of their nose.

How to celebrate – Try to look different by looking like yourself. Learn how to do proper impressions. If you look like someone else use it to make money!

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