April 30th National Honesty Day

It’s kind of hard to imagine but a political figure actually wrote a book about honesty, M. Hirsh Goldberg a former Governor of Maryland, “Book Of Lies” and created today back in the 1990’s because of the research he did. Our politicians are not known for their honesty, in fact they are known for the total opposite, which is really sad since we use to look up to them to lead us, not mis-lead us. But today, since they are more important than those they supposed lead, they no longer lead, nor serve the purpose of the people. They are nothing more than money grabbers who are out for self, no matter what party they come from. The more liberal they are the more greedy they are. The only honesty anymore is, we know they aren’t honest.

How to celebrate – Though we still have the best government on the face of the earth, look for ways to improve it. If a politicians lips are moving they are lying. Lead by example.


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