October 16th American Frog Day

Bulls, Leopards, and Crickets – oh my! No…I am not talking about a variety of animals – I’m talking about a variety of FROGS! This day was created for frog hobbyists and is dedicated to raising money and awareness for captive breeding and husbandry as well as conservation of these slimy (oh I mean wonderful) creatures. All kidding aside – frogs are an integral part of our ecosystem and like many other animals are dwindling in numbers due to encroachment in their habitats as well as smuggling of endangered amphibians. So join others this day in helping spread the word to help our fine green friends…and red, and black, and orange…ok you get the picture 🙂 Kermit will thank you!

How to celebrate: Watch the Muppet Movie. Join other hobbyists in celebrating the day on FB and other social media channels. Check out some great Documentaries on YouTube to learn more about Frogs.

October 16th Dictionary Day

Today we honor Noah Webster for creating the first dictionary, or at least the first dictionary we are aware of. Webster’s birthday was October 16th, 1758. He was always interested in words and finally started organizing them for the next 27 years to create his dictionary. Of course, there have been many additions since then, many of those being items that had not been invented in Webster’s time. I admirer all he did but there was always one thing that bothered me about a dictionary, and that was when you ask someone how to spell something they would tell you look it up in a dictionary. Ah, that requires knowing how to spell the word in the first place!

How to celebrate – Read a dictionary just for fun. Add a new word from the dictionary to your vocabulary every day. Discover how many different dictionary’s there are today.

October 15th Bosses Day

Well, let’s all hope you like your boss because today is the day you are supposed to show them how much you enjoying working for them.This all came to be because of Patricia Bays Haroski when she created the day back in 1958. She worked for State Farm insurance in Illinois and really enjoyed her job and admired her boss, her father. Well, we can’t all be that lucky I suppose but remember your boss has a lot more on their shoulders than you do so give them a break and show them some respect today, and maybe a little love!

How to celebrate – Get your boss a card today. Take your boss to lunch today. Throw a party for your boss today… after work.

November 14th World Diabetes Day

Since 1991, and earlier, the medical community has been trying to get us to be aware of diabetes, the warning signs and treatments available. This really is a silent killer and we all should know what we have to watch out for particularly for a decease that is very, very treatable. Of course, it would be nice if it didn’t fall right before Thanksgiving but maybe these are the times we need to be even more aware of what we eat and drink anyway.

How to celebrate – Celebrate if you don’t have diabetes! Watch your diet. Support diabetes research.

October 14th National Dessert Day

Here’s a day most of us can probably get behind, a day to have your dessert and enjoy it to! Does that make it a just desserts day!?! And what if you have more than one favorite dessert? Well today you can have several if you want. They may not be the best thing for you but one day should be okay. So make your favorite dessert, go to a restaurant and have your favorite dessert or just stare at your favorite dessert through the window but realize, it would be unpatriotic not to eat it today.

How to celebrate – Write down a list of your favorite desserts. Try finding a new favorite dessert. Proceed with at least some caution.

October 13th Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Every year some 271,270 people are diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer. It is considered stage IV cancer that has started in the breast and spread throughout the body. All of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and today has been declared a National Awareness Day by the US Congress since 2009. This is something to take seriously and to try and catch early in order to save lives.

How to be Aware – Check yourself for lumps and oddities regularly. Get a mammogram. Wear pink to show your support.

October 13th Take Your Teddy Bear To Work Day

Here’s an interesting day depending on the type of work you do. I suppose if you are a soldier or a firefighter, it might not be easy to take your teddy bear with you to work but if you are creative enough, you might find a way. Today always falls on the second Wednesday in October which today happens to be 13th and my sister, Michelle’s, birthday. Happy Birthday Michelle! Anyway, I imagine your teddy bear would like to get out of the house for the day seeing as they probably aren’t getting out as much as they use to.

How to celebrate – Take your teddy bear to work with you today. If you no longer have a teddy bear buy a new one! See if you can find an old picture of you with your teddy bear.

October 12th Old Farmer’s Day

Farmer’s are among the hardest workers in any country these days but in the past, wow… life was even harder. There are certain things that wisdom is granted to the aged that just cannot be handed down, that smell in the air, the feel of the soil, the taste of a plant that reveals more than any book could ever tell anyone, particularly about being a farmer. So why celebrate old farmers? Why celebrate anything old? They known more, have experienced more and had to work harder to get the same results. Just remember, a farmer in 2021 will be an old farmer in 2050 and surely things will have become easier by then as well. Today was created sometime back in the mid-1800’s when Old Farmers were still old farmers!

How to celebrate – Visit a farm. Become a farmer. Study the equipment improvement for farmers over the years.

October 11th It’s My Party Day

This really should read, “It’s My Pity Party Day” and we all have them. We like to let people know we are suffering and that they should feel sorry for us, for some unknown reason it really does make us feel better. It made Leslie Gore feel a whole lot better when it became a #1 hit in 1963! She was only 16 at the time and the most natural age for anyone to have a pity party! Why October 11th? Well no one seems to know to be honest. The fact that today exists at all is because people want others to join them at their party and be just as miserable as they are.

How to celebrate – Have a party! Get a copy of Leslie Gore’s 1963 hit! Write down all the reasons people should feel sorry for you, draw one out of a hat and you have your reason for the party!

October 10th Indigenous People Day

Today is always celebrated on the 2nd Monday in October. It began in California in 1939 as Native American Day but it was realized that it should be amended to include any native citizen to any country on this day. It was finally accepted by all in 1977, and probably placed on this day because they wanted to replace Columbus Day. I am all for the recognition of the Native American plight. Since I know little to nothing about other indigenous people I would be only be mocking them to celebrate the horrors they went through. And we all know how horrible the Europeans were to the Native Americans, naturally they were the only horrible people in the world ever. I mean, the Asians were always so nice to everyone they conquered and the African tribes were always so kind to the people they defeated. Boy, do we still have a lot to learn. Aren’t we also mocking the Native American by showing a Native American picture to celebrate this day? Sorry in advance but, I have more Native American blood in me than Elizabeth Warren at least!

How to celebrate – Honor all those who stood up against oppression. Visit a Pow Wow. Find out more about Indigenous People everywhere.