April 30th National Honesty Day

It’s kind of hard to imagine but a political figure actually wrote a book about honesty, M. Hirsh Goldberg a former Governor of Maryland, “Book Of Lies” and created today back in the 1990’s because of the research he did. Our politicians are not known for their honesty, in fact they are known for the total opposite, which is really sad since we use to look up to them to lead us, not mis-lead us. But today, since they are more important than those they supposed lead, they no longer lead, nor serve the purpose of the people. They are nothing more than money grabbers who are out for self, no matter what party they come from. The more liberal they are the more greedy they are. The only honesty anymore is, we know they aren’t honest.

How to celebrate – Though we still have the best government on the face of the earth, look for ways to improve it. If a politicians lips are moving they are lying. Lead by example.


April 29th Greenery Day

Today we celebrate Japanese Emperor Hirohito’s death in 1989 after living for 88 years in love with nature and wishing to commune with nature at every opportunity, which was pretty easy for the Emperor of Japan since they were expected to do little else. However Hirohito did truly love nature and all that goes along with it. It’s a little odd that they waited until he died to honor him with his greatest love of life.

How to celebrate – Spend the day with nature. Tend your garden. Visit Japan.

April 28th Arbor Day

Did you know that Arbor means tree in Latin? well, that’s why we call today Arbor Day, or at least why Conservationist J. Sterling Morton called it Arbor Day when he created in back in 1872 when he proposed it to the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture because Nebraska back then was nearly treeless.The idea, of course, was to get people to plant trees and care for them so that we would never run out of them… which actually could happen! Today there are over 228 billion trees in the U.S. but that is less than out national debt!

How to celebrate – Plant a tree. Learn about different types of trees. Read about the most important tree of all time in “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green”! On Amazon. (Fictional)

April 27th Tell A Story Day

Telling a story helps to pass along information, morals, ideas and goals in society. Some are good stories, some are bad but most have some redeeming value even if that is just entertaining someone. It is interesting that both the US and the UK celebrate this day but exactly six months apart from each other. In the US it is on April 27th, in the UK it s on October 7th. Maybe there’s a story in that!

How to celebrate – Tell someone a story today. Read a story today. Buy “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green” on Amazon!

April 26th Alien Day

April 26th Alien Day

Get ready to blast off into a celebration that’s out of this world – it’s Alien Day! But wait, we’re not talking about those little green men from Mars. No, no, today is all about the iconic planet LV-426 from Ridley Scott’s masterpiece, “Alien”.

If you’re a fan of sci-fi, horror, or just downright amazing movies, chances are you’re already familiar with the spine-tingling terror of the classic scene where the alien bursts out of someone’s chest. And while the series may have had its ups and downs over the years, the original film remains a timeless classic that has captured the hearts and minds of fans worldwide.

So, how can you celebrate this extraterrestrial occasion? Well, you could start by settling in for a movie marathon featuring the iconic franchise. Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not take a journey to planet LV-426 (if only in your imagination)?

And who knows, maybe you’ll feel like an astronaut yourself as you explore the eerie depths of space and contemplate the existence of life beyond our own planet. Whatever you do, make sure to mark this special day in style and remember – in space, no one can hear you scream. Happy Alien Day!

April 26th Hug An Australian Day

This, on the surface, sounds like a pretty cool day.In many, many ways Australians are like brothers and sisters to us Americans and we are lucky to have them. However, if you go to hug an Australian and they are not expecting it… you will most likely regret it. This is a Wellcat,com, copyrighted day and probably is meant with the best of intentions but like many of their days it could be very dangerous and I am sure they will not pay your hospital bills for grabbing an Australian for no reason at all.

How to celebrate – Hug an Australian after getting their permission first. Remember to send Wellcat a check for every hug since they copyrighted the day. Visit the Land Down Under.

April 25th East Meets West Day

Today could be taken in many ways. The facts that the Eastern United States is far enough away from the Western Untied States that the two could be thought of as two different countries. We have football games where it’s the East verses the West and then , of course, we have the recent “Balloons” that show the East trying to get a better view of what the West is all about. So take it however you want but today is East meets West, for good or for bad.

How to celebrate – Contact a friend or relative who lives on a different coast from you. Fly your own weather balloons. Live in the mid-west so you can have the best of both worlds.

April 24th Pig In A Blanket Day

This sounds like it ought to be a cute animal picture day but from the animals point of view… maybe not so much! It does seem to involve one of America’s most favorite party treats those… hot dogs (or sausage) wrapped in a pancake hence “pig in a blanket” ! What surely had to be a breakfast meal at one time has become a party dish served at even high class events. (High class events put a toothpick in the blanket so one’s fingers don’t have to touch the food) Add a little mustard to the treat and you have a dish meant for a king!

How to celebrate – Serve some “pig in a blanket”. Find a new name for the dish. Throw a party.

April 23rd Lover’s Day

In case you missed Valentines Day back in February here is another chance for you, it’s called Lover’s Day. I am not sure what the difference is other than the date and I am assuming Lover’s Day s not based on some Roman god of an era long gone by. So maybe it’s the more modern version of the same thing. And I guess it doesn’t require being married or engaged, just so long as you love one another… probably as it should be. It also doesn’t seem to carry the candy, flowers or other gifts so maybe it’s the poor man’s version as well.

How to celebrate – Spend sometime with your lover. Go for a walk with your lover. Start new traditions with the one you love.

April 22nd National Jelly Bean Day

Ronald Reagan loved jelly beans. Actually, most people love jelly beans, and what’s not to love!?! You can get nearly any flavor you like and even some you can’t describe. Jelly Beans were first created for Union troops during the American Civil War who could carry them with them for a quick snack and pick-me-up on their long marches. While the flavors were probably limited, the enjoyment wasn’t as Union soldiers enjoyed their treats by the handful.

How to celebrate – Studied the history of the Jelly Bean. Check out all the new flavors available. Keep a stash of Jelly Beans available for friends and family.