December 31st New Year’s Eve

Another year has come and gone, today we celebrate the end of the old year and welcome in the new year yet to come. Look back on the past year and recognize the mistakes and the victories you have had learn from them as you plan out your new year, but realize that not every part of your new year can be planned out. There will be surprises, both good and bad, learn to deal with them and even enjoy those you are able to.

How to celebrate – Happy New Year. Throw a New Year’s Party. Be with those you love for the New Year.


December 30th Bacon Day

Who doesn’t like bacon!?! Well, okay, there are those people who do not like bacon for numerous reasons but come on… even pigs like bacon! The smell of it cooking can wake up an entire household and adding it to a sandwich, soup or any meal just perks the flavor up instantly! And what is breakfast without bacon!?! Bacon-less!!!

How to celebrate – Cook up some bacon. Figure out different foods you can flavor with bacon. Serve bacon at every meal.

December 28th Card Playing Day

I love to play cards. It’s a great challenge and a chance to talk with friends and family while entertaining yourself, and them at the same time. Out west, cards use to be a way to make a living. It was a very dangerous way, but if you got good enough you could do quite well. You can still do that, though the odds are a little more against you these days. But if nothing else, it’s a great way to pass time and enjoy people and have a little fun doing it!

How to celebrate – Play cards. Learn a new card game. Make up your own new card game.

December 28th Pepper Pot Day

So Pepper Pot Soup saved the day at Valley Forge, first made on December 29th, 1777. Conditions were really bad at Valley Forge in the Winter of 1777. The Army was falling part and there seemed to be little anyone could do about it. Then a cook made up some pepper pot soup, a thick spicy liquid that seemed to fill the belly and increase the will to go on. It was very tasty, and filling, even if it did burn the roof of your mouth off. But the main thing was, it kept the men warm when nothing else could.

How to celebrate – Have some Pepper Pot Soup. Don’t ask what’s in the soup, you really don’t want to know. Visit Valley Forge.

December 27th Make Cutout Snowflakes Day

If you live in the north this may not be a day that appeals to you much because you get snow and what’s the point of making cutout snowflakes? Right? Well, in the south, where snow is rare, we like to see those flakes but don’t normally get to see them. Admittedly, laying a bunch of paper or material out in the yard isn’t real appealing but hey, a snowflake is a snowflake… right? Or maybe you can just put those snowflakes on the windows and pretend it is snowing outside every time you look out.

How to celebrate – Cut out some snowflakes. Make snowflakes and send them to your friends. Save your snowflakes for the summer to cool your house down.

December 26th Candy Cane Day

The original Candy Canes were straight and sort of boring, They were invented somewhere around 1674 but it wasn’t long before French monks bent the end of the Candy Cane to turn it into a Shepard’s Cane. Well, in the 1800’s they figured out (Not sure who they are) that if you turned the Shepard Hook upside down the cane became a J for Jesus which naturally made it a favorite for Christmas! There are 1.76 billion candy canes made a year making dentists richer and richer than they ever imagined!

How to celebrate – Have a Candy Cane. Learn how to make your own candy canes. Decorate your Christmas tree with Candy Canes.

December 25th Christmas Day

This is another day you should be spending with your family and loved ones rather than reading a blog. So I’m not going to write much about this, the most sacred Christian holiday… the birth of Jesus Christ. Now it may not have been actually on December 25th, no one knows, but it is the symbol of Christianity and should be respected. (As any holiday with religious meaning) Celebrate today if you choose, honor today because you can.

December 25th Pumpkin Pie Day

Pumpkin pie has been a part of the American diet since, well… since America has been America, and before. It is mentioned in Hannah Woolley’s Cookbook, written in English, in 1675. It has remained popular ever since, even featured in the 1844 song/poem, “Over The River And Through The Woods” with a line devoted to pumpkin pie in the lyrics. While it is most thought of with Thanksgiving affairs, it is equally as good during Christmas. In fact, it’s pretty good nearly any time of the year!

How to celebrate – Have some pumpkin pie. Find the lyric in “Over The River And Through The Woods”. Have a Merry Christmas.

December 24th Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve! Go spend the day with your family, loved ones or friends! If you are Christian, enjoy the birth of the Savior, if you are not just have a day of peace and enjoy those around you. Merry Christmas.

December 23rd Roots Day

We all have a heritage, no one’s is better than another just different. Whether you come from Asia or Africa, Europe or Mars… you are entitled to your genealogy and none can be said to be wrong today because none of us were there to change it when it may have needed to be changed. I am amazed at how little people know about who thy actual come from and why they got where they are. I guess ignorance is bliss because lies are more often believed than truth. If you don;t know, learn, if you don;t like what you have, then make up a new one because that’s what you are going to believe anyway.

How to celebrate – Learn where your family came from. Learn how your family got where it is. Be proud of who you are, you can’t change it anyway. (By the way. Alex Haley’s “Roots” was totally fictional… don’t believe me, look it up!)