February 5th National Shower With A Friend Day

Showering with a friend is a really good idea. You save a lot of water, have someone to wash your back and have someone to talk to instead of singing. If singing, you can do a duet! The idea of “Getting to know you” really applies and one can assume you will either really like each other, or hate each other afterwards. You may just want to make sure that the friend knows you are joining them otherwise things could turn out bad.

How to celebrate – Take a shower with a friend. Save water. Use two different bars of soap.

February 4th Stuffed Mushroom Day

This is not meant for those tiny mushrooms you find in cans at the grocery stores. This is meant for those really, really big mushrooms that you can break off the stem and turn upside down and then fill with anything you want, meat, vegetables, whatever! They make great appetizers at parties or you can make an entire meal out of them. Stuffed mushrooms first appeared on menus somewhere between the 19th and 20th centuries, probably because before then the mushrooms did not look like something anyone would want to eat!

How to celebrate – Served some stuffed mushrooms for dinner tonight. Figure out something new to stuff your mushrooms with. Try serving mushroom to kids and see how they react.

February 4th Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day

Created for the first Saturday of February, Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day began, apparently, in the 1960’s, in an effort to try and get her children to eat breakfast. Was it good for them? Well, no. But then when you consider the amount of sugar we have in most kids cereals these days eating ice cream isn’t really all that much worse! And milk is well… milk! So I guess if you want to make the kids happy for a day, eating ice cream isn’t the worse thing you could do. Just don’t make a habit of it! Heck, you might even want to join them for a change!

How to celebrate – Have ice cream for breakfast today. Figure out which ice cream is the healthiest for you. Someone make a bacon and eggs flavored ice cream!

February 3rd Feed The Birds Day

Since we are deep intro winter and in many parts of the world the ground is covered in snow, birds need out help getting enough to eat. In the southern areas it’s not as hard, though still surprisingly a little difficult, but up north birds can easily starve to death if not for human help. I am not sure what happened to flying south for the winter but I suppose that doesn’t really matter. Good for Bob Matthews of New York for thinking this one up in 2016. (Along with many others) All sorts of animals need our help, please don’t forget them.

How to celebrate – Help any starving animal. Enjoy birds if you have them in your area for February no matter where you are. Be kind.

February 2nd Ground Hog Day

Ground Hog Day seems to have started back in the 1800’s by German immigrants who wanted to know if winter was over. So naturally, they checked with a ground hog! (Wouldn’t you!?!) In theory, if the ground hog saw it’s shadow then there would be more winter, if not… spring was just around the corner. (Which it would have been either way) Punxsutawney Phil got started in 1887 in Pennsylvania. He has been a tradition ever since and it is said that 9 out of 10 times, he sees his shadow. Naturally, that all depends on which way you hold him up but then… who can argue with science.

How to celebrate- Go outside and check your own shadow. Go outside and see if there is snow on the ground. Look at the calendar.

February 1st No Politics Day

Wouldn’t it be wonderful is even for just one day, all politics would just go away so that we didn’t have to hear any more lies, promises that are never kept and politicians that are so old even they can’t remember when they first got elected! Well they are there because of us, we are the ones who put them there and generally speaking… we all admit it’s because we couldn’t find anyone worthy of actually representing us. So let them talk, just not today. Let them make electric cars that cost more to operate than gas cars, dump more carbon into the atmosphere because of the process to make them. Give us better health care that we can’t get. (And they won;t use themselves) Just don’t call it leading because they aren’t. We all would be so much better off if there were no politicians leading to no politics day.

How to celebrate – Go back and look at who you voted for. (Still happy?) Don’t mention politics today. If you are a politician, go hide. ( That’s where we normally find you anyway)

February Bizarre Bibliotheca YA Girl Box


Unboxing the Bizarre Bibliotheca Box – YA Girl

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February 2022 Original Box

#WorldRadioDay, #NationalCherryPieDay, #NationalToastDay, #NationalCarnivalDay

Unboxing the Bizarre Original Holiday Box

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February 28th Public Sleeping Day

I don’t know if today is promoting sleeping in public or reminding us we shouldn’t be sleeping in public. Of course, most of us have at some point. It may have been at church or in school, on a bus or a train, but let’s hope not in a car or when flying a plane. There are times you can get away with it, and times you can’t but frankly, it’s better not to fall asleep in public ever… you might end up with a mustache drawn on your face.

How to celebrate – Count how many people you see sleeping in public today. Take no doze so you don’t fall asleep in public today. Get a good nights sleep at home.

February 28th National Cupcake Day

Today is National Cupcake Day… in Canada. So why not celebrate our northern neighbor’s holiday!?! And I particularly like this one because it is used to help the SPCA and Humane Organizations in Canada. It helps our friends the animals we all love.

It always falls on the last Monday of February so the date does change but the intent does not. I have been wondering if dogs know how happy they generally make us. They certainly make us better people. Cats, horses, rabbits… whatever the animal we have as friends do make us better than we would be without them.

And better yet, we get to eat cupcakes to show our support for them. How sweet is that! And maybe we can even find an animal healthy cupcake for them to enjoy with us! Just make sure you don’t mix them up!

How to celebrate – Help out our pets today whether they are Canadian or in the United States. Make some pet friendly cupcakes. Visit Canada.