June 29th Camera Day

Most people think George Eastman invented the camera, he did not. True, he invented a lot of things to go with the camera but not the camera itself. The idea of the camera has been around for a very, very long time but it is generally accepted that Joseph Nicephore Niepce, a Frenchman, invented the first working camera as we know it today back in 1816. Matthew Brady popularized the camera with his work during the American Civil War and then, of course, George Eastman brought the camera to nearly every household in America.

How to celebrate – Learn to use a camera. Your cell phones have some of the finest cameras ever made. Become a professional camera person.


June 28th Insurance Awareness Day

Insurance had to begin somewhere which means that insurance agents had to begin somewhere as well. I didn’t find a name who started it. (Though I admit I didn’t look real hard) I kinda wonder if it wasn’t some guy named Vinnie who said somewhere along the way “You need some protection” from bad things that might happen to you. Never mind that Vinnie was the bad thing that was going to happen. Now we have insurance for nearly everything in life! (Thank Lords of London) which costs us nearly as much as having those accidents happen in the first place!

How to celebrate – Avoid people named Vinnie. Start an insurance company that insures you from insurance companies. Become a secret agent, insurance agent, agent.

June 26th Forgiveness Day

We have all been wronged by someone, we have all wronged someone. In order to receive forgiveness we need to forgive ourselves. Today is all about live and let live and forgiving someone for what they have done wrong, and maybe most important of all is that we learn how to forgive ourselves for the things we have knowing done wrong ourselves. If God can forgive us, then we should be able to forgive ourselves as well as others. Today was created by the Christian Embassy, Christ’s Ambassadors of Vancouver. British Columbia, Canada.

How to celebrate – Forgive those who have offended or upset you. Forgive yourself for things you have done wrong. Forgive government… for they know not what they do.

June 22nd World Rain Forest Day

Rain forests provide 20% of the oxygen we breath and are home to nearly 50% of the earth’s animals. Just those two reasons should be reason enough for us to protect them and cherish them, but we often don’t. Man, wanting special woods and wanting room to expand the settled areas of the world often destroy the rain forests knowing it will take years for them to regrow if they regrow at all. They help keep the climates of the earth stable and rid the earth of carbon dioxide as well, again two more reasons we should be aware of what we are doing.

How to celebrate – Visit a Rain Forest, they even exist in Alaska. Join the “Rain Forest Partnership”. Don’t buy products that come from the rain forests.

June 14th National Skunk Day

June 14th National Skunk Day

Well, you knew this one had to be in there somewhere. It’s the day we celebrate the most smelly animal ever, the skunk. They do actually make pretty decent pets and you can have the scent glans removed. They normally only live about 4 years in the wild though so don’t get too attached. The “Mephitis mephitis” (It’s scientific name) means, “Bad Odor” so I am guessing the just one “Mephitis” isn’t as bad? Their scent is a defensive reaction in order to protect it, but they can only use that once every ten days so maybe that is why they live such a short time.

How to celebrate – There are 8 different species of skunk, find out what types there are. Try to make a pet out of one. Watch Pepee Lapue cartoons on You Tube.

June 14th National Goat Day

June 20th National Goat Day

There are at least a half dozen goat days on the internet, today is one created for, and by, Facebook. I have to admit that I really haven’t checked into this goat day so I’m not sure what separates it from the others. From a brief look it seems like a lot of those online are pets rather than a meal. When I lived on  farm we did have a pet goat. I do not remember playing with it or bringing it in the house but I do remember it being tied to the porch for us to play with. So if you like goats, today is a great day, share your celebrations on Facebook with others.

How to celebrate – Go on Facebook. Get a goat as a pet. Come up with a cool name like… Billy… for your pet’s name.

June 13th Sewing Machine Day

Imagine if we were still sewing everything by hand! A shirt today would probably cost like $10,000.00! There is some debate where and when the first sewing machine was created. It is mentioned in 1830’s Europe and finally appears in the US around 1846. The patent here came on September 10th, 1846 to Elias Howe. So why is June 13th Sewing Machine day? Good question, no one seams (Get it) to know! So while we generally give a lot of credit to Elias Howe, I guess he was just copying something he saw or heard of.

How to celebrate – Research until you find the true reason Sewing Machine Day is on June 13th. Buy a sewing machine. Learn how to sew.

June 12th Ros`e Day

June 12th Ros`e Day

The Swedish Ros`e House Bodvar` created this day, probably after whining about it for a while! Get it, whine! It celebrates red wine and white wine, the summer wine, sort of mixed together. I’m not sure I got this right but, I think it is white wine blended with different types of fruit. I understand how strawberries and cherries can add thew reddish color but I’m not convinced that it. Anyway, if you enjoy wine I’ll bet you’ve at least had a Ros`e wine before.

How to celebrate – Have some wine. Learn how to make your own wine. Try making a new type of wine with things like, vegetables.

June 12th Red Rose Day

Want to tell someone you love them? Probably the best way, without actually saying it, is by sending them red roses. Beyond that, they look beautiful in gardens or bushes lined up against a house and smell wonderful as well. There are numerous colors for numerous sentiments, and even different arrangements using fully flowered roses or rose buds meaning different things as well. There are poems about roses, songs about roses and even pictures of roses but nothing beats the real thing.

How to celebrate – Plant a rose bush. Send someone you love roses. Learn about all the different colors of roses and what they mean.

June 10th National Bed Bug Prevention Day

None of us want to get ourselves infest with bed bugs but the truth is, unless you are very careful, it’s easy to do. It really doesn’t matter whether its a hotel, a campground site or your own home, bed bugs can become an issue even in very clean places. Bed Bugs can survive in freezing temperatures and up to 122 degrees of heat. You can avoid them by very carefully checking your bedding, mattress, behind headboards and in furniture, clothing, blankets… today was created by the Dodson Pest Control Company in 2019.

How to celebrate – Check your bedding for bed bugs. Refer to the Dodson Pest Control Company for ways to kill bed bugs. Learn what attracts bed bugs.