March 31st National Crayon Day

“Coloring sticks” have been around since the 17th century. They were relatively expensive and hard to come by until the early 1900’s when they started being made out of wax. The Crayola company began shortly there-after in 1902 and have been in business ever since. Today, if I understand it correctly, it the day new crayola colors are released to the world. Over the years some 120 new colors have been added but since they can only make boxes so big they have also rid themselves of 50 colors over the years. I am not sure why they stop making certain colors unless it’s to make them scarce and collectors items. it just like any big company, find a color you like and they get rid of it!

How to celebrate – Buy some crayons. Search for interesting coloring books. Try learning how to make your own crayons.


March 30th Take A Walk In The Park Day

The weather should be nice by now, the greens green once again so why not spend your day in nature and take a walk in a park, You can hear the birds singing, see little critters running from tree to tree and the world recovers from the cold and snow and comes back to life once again. You can walk alone enjoying your own company or find a friend to walk with and if you are really ambitious, start a walking party where you and all your friend walk together. Maybe you can even sing songs along the way.

How to celebrate – Go to your favorite park. Go for a walk. Enjoy nature.

March 30th Grass Is Always Browner On The Other Side Of The Fence Day

Well the title of this day really tells you everything, the idea is that no matter where you are, something just out of reach always looks better than what you have, but the cautionary tale, just because you think it is, it does not mean it is. There are many old time sayings that we tend to forget. Like “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. These sayings come from wisdom and having lived on both sides of the equation. The truth is, things may always seem better someplace else, or with someone else or doing something else when the truth is, you might be better off keeping what you already have.

How to celebrate – Make sure you want what you go after because you just might get it. Study carefully what you are about to get into before jumping in with both feet. Work on the stuff on your side of the fence to make it the best you can.

March 30th Doctor’s Day

We all know how important our doctors are to us. We could not live without them and though they do not always bring us the best news, they do try to bring us the best results possible. They have to spend years learning their craft, keep aware of changes being made, and are often expected to keep our spirits high when they themselves are hurting. It can be a rewarding job, but it can also be a challenging job not just because of what they do but because of what they bring to people. Thank the doctors that help you, thank the doctors that help your friends and family and thank the doctors that make life as rewarding as they can. Today was created by Endora Brown Almond in 1933.

How to celebrate – Thank the doctors that help you. Consider becoming a doctor. Remember doctors are humans too.

March 29th Smoke and Mirrors Day

The idea of smoke and mirrors is making one believe they see something that isn’t really there, or don’t see something that is. The idea was conceived as magic tricks but often turned into more. During World War 2 the allies built an entire armored division out of rubber to make it look like they were going to invade someplace other than Normandy. This seems to have been one of the ultimate smoke and mirror schemes as it completely fooled the German Intelligence Agencies,

How to celebrate – Learn to make magic. Read about other famous smoke and mirror schemes. Is a mirage smoke and mirrors?

March 28th Something On A Stick Day

This is a simple day. It normally refers to something you eat being placed on a stick, supposedly so you can walk around eating it at a fair or a picnic or, well, where ever you find yourself walking around and eating something. It seems to best apply to meats, or ice cream, it is, after-all, a bit hard to put creamed corn on a stick (But you could if you froze it first.) Food just seems like something so much more fun to eat if it is on a stick.

How to celebrate – Eat something served on a stick. Come up with something new that you can serve on a stick. Remember a toothpick is considered a stick.

March 28th Barnum & Bailey Day

The days of the traditional circus are gone. There will be no more traveling circus that have animals as featured parts of their entertainment. Some say this is good, others are disappointed. Phineas Barnum and James Bailey did bring the world of the circus to America starting in 1881 and closing in 2017. They were “The Greatest Show On Earth” and educated many people about different animals of the world as well as many different types of people in the world as well. They did it for money and profits, often not allowing the animals or human entertainers to receive proper treatment or care. But they also brought about a way of life for many who, while not thriving in their line of work, did serve a purpose often not made available to them.

How to celebrate – Read about the days of Barnum and Bailey. Read about the actors and animals Barnum and Bailey employed. Watch the film, “The Greatest Show On Earth”

March 27th National “Joe” Day

Over the years a “Joe” has become another term used for American, or typically American. There has been GI Joe to identify the common soldier, a cup of Joe for the common cup of coffee, “Joe” Cool, who at one time was socially above most but is now socially below most. During World War 2 the Japanese soldiers called every American “Joe” because so often their name actually was Joe! We don’t over use the name as much anymore but it is still popular and frankly, it is a good name. It’s strong, to the point, brief and fits the personality of many, many Americans.

How to celebrate – Make up a name tag calling yourself “Joe”. Look up all the famous Americans named Joe. (Not all are good) Start using the name Joe for anything American.

March 26th Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

If we can have holidays like “Take Your Pants For A Walk Day” or “Give An Insect A Pet Name Day” you can surely select your own holiday to celebrate! (It’s not like anybody is actually going to celebrate it any more than they do any of the other strange holidays anyway.) Of course, if you want to name it and make it known to the world it will cost you a minimum of $2,000.00 to make it official so you better chose carefully… unless you are Elon Musk. Why not have several holidays! Make them as bizarre as you want, after all, you are the one paying for them!

How to celebrate – Create your own holidays. Look for things that should be celebrated but aren’t. You could buy a whole month of holidays for sixty thousand or so! .

March 25th Feast of the Annunciation

Today, 2023 years ago, (Or actually 2024 years ago I guess) Archangel Gabriel came to earth and told Mary of Nazareth that she was going to have a baby and his name would be Jesus. I’m not sure exactly how much information Gabriel gave Mary, probably only as much as she needed to know since anymore might have caused her to be fearful, after all finding out you are going to have a baby when you have never had relations is a little daunting in it’s own right! It would be nine months later, to the day, that Jesus would be born.

How to celebrate – Allow all to practice the religion they believe so that you can practice the religion you believe. Read about the life of Mary of Nazareth. Celebrate the Feast of Annunciation.