May 31st Save Your Hearing Day

What? You are mumbling. Speak up! These are all things we hear people say as they lose their hearing. If you take care of your hearing, normally, it will take care of you. (Or sort of anyway) Oddly, today was probably created after someone attended the Charlton Athletic Gardens rock concert, supposedly the loudest rock concert ever given. That would have been on May 31st, 1976 in England. If you want to be able to hear those sweet nothings in your ear all your life you need to take care of your hearing.

How to celebrate – Wear ear plugs when you know you will be at a loud event. Don’t play music so loud people will go deaf from it two blocks away. If you hear a ringing in your ear at an event, the music is too loud for you.

May 30th Memorial Day

What used to be Decoration Day starting in right after the Civil War in 1865 to honor the fallen soldiers of the war, both in the north and the south, but was changed by Congress in 1882 to Memorial Day. Just as the people of the Civil War remembered those who died in the Revolution and War of 1812, today we need to remember those who fell in every war America has been involved in. You do not have to agree with the war or why America got involved to honor those that gave their lives protecting those around them.

How to celebrate – Remember those who died for this country. Decorate a graveyard. Visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington, D.C.

May 29th Learn About Composting Day

If you are going to “Go Green” probably the first place to start is in making your own compost heap. It will help any garden you plant and, obviously, it saves the world a little more from the trash we all produce. A compost heap loves your left over vegetables, paper towel and toilet cardboard rolls and untreated wood to be added to it daily. Yes, it normally does smell so you may not want to place it as far away from your house as possible without offending your neighbors. Today was created in 2011 by Holiday Insights and is probably a good day to observe.

How to celebrate – Create a compost pile. Learn all the different things you can put in a compost pile. Go Green” (Within reason).

May 29th National Alligator Day

Alligators are native to Florida, even so, they aren’t all that fun to hang out with. They’ll fight you tooth and nail for any chicken you might happen to have. However, if you live in Florida, or plan to visit it might be valuable to understand a few things about them. The dangerous end in not the end with the tail. Yes it can hit you but the teeth do a whole lot more damage. An alligator can also run up to 32 miles an hour on land, I recently learned I can do 33 miles an hour if an alligator is chasing me. Anyway, the Wild Florida Airboats created today in February on 2021. Why it took them until May to set it in place is anybodies guest.

How to celebrate – If you live on the same property as an alligator, move. Learn how to run zig-zag in case you are chased by an alligator. Try some alligator for supper. They say it tastes like chicken… I wouldn’t know.

May 27th Sun Screen Day

Today we think about wearing sun screen to protect us from the UV rays the sun emits. It’s kind of important because the rate skin cancer is climbing among people, more so women than men. (Probably because women expose more skin than men) The idea of getting a good tan is nice until you realize that later in life your skin becomes like leather and of course there is the risk of more serious complications. It is recommended that we all wear at least a SPF 15 lotion to protect us. I doubt many will go that far but at least use come skin protection, if not for yourself, then for the others that love you.

How to celebrate – Check out which sun screen is best for you. Make sure to apply sun screen when you will be spending any length of time outdoors. Be serious about your skin health care.

May 28th International Jazz Day

Jazz is a truly American invention, created sometime in the late 1800’s in New Orleans. Though it is American, the whole world seems to love jazz, often trying to do something to amaze the other jazz musicians across the world. This holiday always falls on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. It began in 1991 when D. Michael Denny of the New Jersey Jazz Society suggested it and it was actually recognized by the U.S. Congress the same year.

How to celebrate – Listen to some jazz. Figure out who your favorite jazz artist is. Go to New Orleans, the French Quarter.

May 26th Sally Ride Day

Sally Ride was the first female American astronaut, third female over-all, and the youngest woman at 32, to be launched into outer space. She was a port of the STS-7 crew of June 18th, 1983. May 26th was her birthday, 1951. She was a physicist as well as an astronaut who opened the doors for other female astronauts in the American space program. She died in 2012 after a 17 month battle with cancer.

How to celebrate – Read about Sally Ride’s accomplishments. Find out how many other women made it into the space program. Learn about the Russian women in space.

May 25th National Tap Dance Day

Today we honor those dancers who have perfected the art of tap dance, or at least tried to do so. May 25th was chosen by Congress and signed into law by President George Bush on November 7th, 1989 and placed on to May 25th to honor tap dance pioneer Bill “Bojangles” Robinson. Robinson introduced the mixture of Irish Step and Clog dancing around 1902 to meet the new jazz music coming out of New Orleans. Now tap is performed to nearly every style of music available.

How to celebrate – Learn how to tap dance. Watch videos of the masters at work. Create a new dance style of your own.

May 25th Nutcracker Day

There is nothing like a Nutcracker that makes Christmas time come to life. That’s why Leavenworth, Washington celebrates Nutcracker Day on May 25th. Actually it’s the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum that came up with the idea. They have some 7,000 nutcrackers, some dating back to the Roman Empire era. It is a day they open up the museum to people so they can experience nutcrackers and even crack some hazelnuts and walnuts. All in all, it’s a really fun day even though it’s not around Christmas and it’s not the Leavenworth most people are familiar with.

How to celebrate – Plan a trip to Leavenworth, Washington. Break out your own Nutcracker collection. Get ready for Christmas in July.

May 24th International Tiara Day

Does wearing a tiara make you feel like a queen? It should, after all Queen Victoria of England wore her crown (Or Tiara) from 1837 – 1901! A tiara is a set of jewels at their finest. I think that it probably even makes the jewels it is adorned with feel more important. Oh, and it works for Princess’ and at all teen and younger dances. Today was created by Barbara Bellisimo in 2005 for her, “Season of Success”.

How to celebrate – Wear your tiara. If you don’t have a tiara, get one. Pretend you are royalty.