May 31st World Otter Day

Otters are one of the more playful animals you will ever see in the world. While they are cute, they do not make very good pets so you are better leaving them in the wild which makes today even more important. As we develop more houses and shopping malls we are taking away the areas otters can live, and play. Though they are not endangered yet, they are likely to become endangered soon if we are not careful. We certainly do not need another empty mall for more shops that will just go out of business and we need to take care where we build our new homes because many of the places we want to live are places animals require to live. lets not make otters another one of those animals we can only see in zoos. Today was created in 2014 by the International Otter Survival Fund and is always the Wednesday in May.

How to celebrate – Take a hike where you can watch otters playing in the wild. Help preserve the nature where otters thrive. Donate to the International Otter Survival Fund.


May 30th Water A Flower Day

If you like having flowers in your yard you’ll need to water them. Yes, May showers help but you will need to give a little added water to ensure they continue to grow. think of it as giving them a meal once a day, or every couple of days. (You do have to be careful because you can over water your plants as well) Flowers give you a better outlook on life when you see their beautiful colors and smell the fragrance they give. They remind us all of the better things in life and are often used as symbols of our love for someone. It takes so little to keep flowers alive and healthy that it is a shame to let them perish just because of a lack of a little water.

How to celebrate – Plant a flower garden. Water your flowers. Scatter seeds to let your flowers grow wild.

May 29th Memorial Day

We should never forget those who have fought and died for us so that we can remain free. We take it for granted here in the United States since freedom has been enjoyed for so long but it is challenged everyday and only those who rise to the occasion and protect us prevent it from disappearing. Memorial Day serves as a reminder of the sacrifice others have made for us. It came out of the American Civil War, beginning in 1865 as Decoration Day, where people decorated the graves of those who fell, It changed in 1882 to Memorial Day. It is always the last Monday of May, giving us a long weekend for probably the wrong reason.

How to celebrate – Remember those who passed to keep us free. Don’t take you freedom so lightly that you forget how it was obtained. Decorate the graves of the fallen.

May 28th National Hamburger Day

🍔 Happy National Hamburger Day! 🍔

Who would’ve thought that ground beef sandwiched between two pieces of bread could become such an iconic American delight? Though the origins of the hamburger may be shrouded in mystery, let’s give the good ol’ USA a nod for popularizing this juicy creation. Maybe someone somewhere else thought of it first, but they didn’t leave a mark in the history books like America did!

Now, let’s talk about the genius who had the audacity to put a salad on top of a hamburger. Seriously, who came up with that brilliant idea? Cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a pickle team up to create a medley of flavors that make your taste buds sing. It’s like having a well-rounded meal all neatly nestled between two heavenly slices of bread. Of course, feel free to customize your burger to your heart’s content—add more toppings, ditch the ones you’re not a fan of, because no matter what, it’s still a scrumptious, classic hamburger.

So, how can we make this National Hamburger Day celebration even more epic? Simple! Indulge in the joy of sinking your teeth into a delicious, perfectly grilled hamburger. Sink your teeth into that juicy patty, and let the flavors explode in your mouth. But hold on, don’t forget the golden companions of every burger—the crispy, golden French fries! They’re the quintessential sidekick, the partner-in-crime to your burger adventure. And if you really want to go all out, make it an All-American meal by adding a side of coleslaw, baked beans, or even a slice of good ol’ apple pie!

Today, let’s honor the hamburger in all its glory. Raise your buns to this culinary masterpiece, whether you’re firing up the grill at home or indulging in a mouthwatering burger at your favorite joint. Celebrate the flavors, the history, and the mouthwatering magic that is the hamburger. After all, it’s not just a meal—it’s a symbol of American ingenuity and culinary pleasure that brings us all together!

Happy National Hamburger Day, and bon appétit! 🍔🍟

May 27th International Jazz Day

Today we recognize the only true form of music created in the United States, Jazz. It has it’s roots based out of New Orleans in the 1800’s and has influenced everything from Opera to Rock and Roll. The day was created by by D. Michael Denny in 1991 and recognized by the US Congress that same year. It always falls on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, I would be remiss not to mention a good friend of mine who plays jazz, Mickey Carroll. Give a listen to his “People Love Life”.

How to celebrate – Listen to some jazz. Visit New Orleans, Learn how to play a musical instrument.

May 26th Don’t Fry Friday

Today falls on the Friday before Memorial Day but really should be every day of your life. It is a day to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays which can give you a beautiful tan but can also kill you. I watch women i the twenties suntanning themselves not thinking at all about what price they will pay later when their skin is like leather and wrinkled so badly. Or worse, when they have to have operations to remove cancerous skin from their bodies. But, it is their choice and they can choose to ignore the warnings, The good side of tanning is it gives you lots of vitamin D, the bad side is… it kills you.

How to celebrate – Protect your skin when out ion the sun. Tanning is nice but consider the price. Wear a hat to protect your face.

May 25th National Brown Bag It Day

Use to be that brown bagging it was so common you found those brown bags everywhere. Naturally finding them meant someone had forgotten their lunch somewhere and would be scrounging for something to eat come noon time. Brown bag lunches were generally better than anything you could find and buy for lunch during the day that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. When a brown bag was found it was hard to resist opening it to see what someone was missing but good manners generally meant not opening it. That could lead to problems as the days went by when the food inside was starting to rot and smell.

How to celebrate – Start fixing your own lunch to take with you to work or school. Get fancy and buy white bags instead of brown. Make sure to write your name on the bag so you know which one is yours.

May 24th International Tiara Day

So, if you like wearing a crown or looking like a princess you will really like today because you can wear your tiara and actually have a reason for wearing it. It doesn’t have to be your prom night (Do girls even wear tiaras to prom anymore?) You don’t have to be celebrating the Queen. Yes, all those things do help give reason but today is International Tiara Day so you can wear it all you like, anywhere in the world and no one can say anything about it! Oh, they probably will but that’s not the point! You have your rights, stand up for them put that crown on your head and wear it proudly no matter how foolish you look!

How to celebrate – Wear your tiara all day long where ever you go. Buy a tiara just so yo can wear it today. Begin your own collection of tiaras.

May 23rd Lucky Penny Day

So exactly what is a lucky penny? I’d say any penny you find could be considered lucky, unless of course it is covered in some rare poison or virus. But the true test of a lucky penny is finding it on heads and then taking it and never spending it, which is pretty easy to do these days because nothing actually costs a penny! To me, finding any money is already good luck so you were lucky to find it to start with! Just remember it has to be on heads or it could actually bring you bad luck… that is if you believe in that sort of thing.

How to celebrate – Look for pennies on heads. If you find a penny on tails, turn it over and leave it for the next person. If you find any other coins it doesn’t matter if they are on heads or tails, you were just lucky to start with!

May 22nd Buy A Musical Instrument Day

Music makes up so much of our lives we need to cherish those instruments that help make it happen for us. We all have our own favorite instrument whether we can play it or not. Mine is the guitar, I learned how to play, was in numerous bands and at one time owned 57 guitars. Maybe that’s taking things a bit far but still, having a musical instrument shows your love for music no matter how well you can play it, or not. Many are beautifully made, real works of art and take up a large part of our homes such as a piano. Others are smaller, like a harmonica but can create just as much joy. So buy an instrument today so you can show everyone just how much you love music bu putting on display.

How to celebrate – Buy a musical instrument. Remember the better instrument you buy the easier it is to play. Create your own band by having the musical instruments used in the band.